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Saturday, 15 October 2011

- - - Saturday Stitches - - -

Hi!  Welcome back to - - - Saturday Stitches- - - , where you watch me teach myself how to embroider.  (Why does that statement make me chuckle!?)  I do freestyle embroidery, but I thought it would be wise to learn as many stitches as I can.  Here's a button if you want.  Clicking on the URL provided will take you to ALL - - - Saturday Stitches - - -  posts if you want to look through them.

You can copy & paste the photo, and then copy & paste THIS URL.

Do I EVER love the stitches I tried this week!  I flipped through a bunch of embroidery books and chose the Herringbone Stitch.  You make it by doing a sort of backstitch, except that each stitch you take is apart from the last.  See?

Check this out.  If you draw or imagine a leaf outline, you can fill it in with close Herringbone Stitches!  I love that woven look, and prefer it to a satin stitched leaf.  Isn't it cool!?

Then I played around with altering the stitches:  a low, elongated stitch, and then a free form stitch I often see as grass in embroidered pieces.  It's all done with that same back-stitch motion as the first Herringbone example.

I love everything in this next photo.  I took a second variegated thread color and added to some of the existing stitch samples.

Did you look closely at the double Herringbone?  What a great effect when you weave it.

I was asked if I would keep all my samples & put them in a reference book.  You bet!  If you are stitching along with me, you can do the same.  Before I know it, I'll have a great collection I think.

Happy stitching!


Sheila said...

I love the herringbone stitch and it really looks great in the leaf and I also like it in the freeform , would be great for grasses.Enjoying your embroidery.

Ellie said...

These are really lovely stitches - your work always looks so neat.
I think it would be a great idea to print all of these lessons into a book. Thanks for sharing it all with us. :)

Red Heads said...

Thanks for showing how to use the heringbone stitch in different ways. I really like the two colours. I am practicing some now. Blessings: Dianne...

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Oh, I really like how you used it to make that leaf! And the random on is nice too. Fun project you have going on here... lots of freedom to play :)

Jenny Lee said...

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