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Sunday, 24 March 2019

Spring Show & Sale

It's really SPRING!  The world froze solid here for months and now it's all warm & rebirthing.  What a difference!  The sun is up before me again.  I've really started creating with vigor again and it feels so good.

I want to make sure I let everyone know that after 8 consecutive years, I WON'T have my work for sale at Gardenscape later this month.  My group's show is only 2 weeks following, so I'm saving it all up for that event.  Here's the show poster:

Through those days, we will have scheduled artist chats on site so you can learn more about the women and their work.  This will be my second year with this group, one of Saskatoon's longest running art groups (since 1990).  The art is such a wonderfully diverse range: textile, watercolour, oil, collage, acrylic, graphite, watercolour batik, mixed media. There's landscape art, still life, portrait, realism, impressionism, and abstract.  It's FANTASTIC. Please check out the website if you would like to learn more about the artists and the range of work.  We've made some great posts as of late.

Here's some pieces I'll have in the show.

Works in progress... 

After adding the weeds in...

That's a smaller version of a scene from Aquadeo near Jackfish Lake SK.  : )
I hope you'll be able to come by the show April 12, 13, 14!

have a great day,

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