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Friday, 7 December 2018

Two Day Online Pop Up Shop!

I hope you aren't the last to know!  Friday Dec 7 and Saturday Dec 8, you find my available works online at my ETSY shop here  .  On Sunday I will pack everything up and on Monday the sold works will be shipped to buyers around the world.  : )  I must admid that I am not great with the shipping estimations.  Shipping overcharges of more than $5CAD will always be reimbursed within five days, so if you get a ridiculous number, don't panic.  I can't find the option of free delivery in Saskatoon, so if you are in my city, I will reimburse 100% of shipping costs.

Canola with Sorbello Knots in a tiny 4" frame

I have some new greeting card designs (FINALLY!!) as well as threadpaintings in 10"x12" frames.  I also have som elarger architectural work from my solo show Gathering Places.  I would especially like the Bessborough and the Parktown to find new homes.

'Her Back Gate' 16x20" stitched on deep profile canvas, ready to hang.

The larger pieces I have sold so far from that exhibition have been put on payment plans, so email me directly if that is something you would like to arrange, and I will remove the item from my ETSY shop for you.


Sunday, 18 November 2018

The Countdown is On!

'Tis the Season... One day only in Saskatoon.
This is our group's big pre-Christmas Open Studio Show & Sale.

: )  It's a Monday!  Pretty cool I think.
Nov 26, 11am to 9pm

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Another Podcast!

This is a big one!  The Canadian Crafts Federation invited me to be a guest on one of their ten podcasts for the the Citizens of Craft.  The Canadian Crafts Federation is the umbrella organization to all of the provincial and territorial craft councils across the country. In each podcast, Maegan Black interviews two individuals (fine craft artists, curators, collectors) within a theme set by the ten manifestos of craft. The one we chose was 'Nothing is Newer Than Tradition' where we talked about the role of making in our lives, and how far it's rooted in our human experiences and history.

I really enjoyed what came out of this. Often I'm so busy doing that I forget about thinking or analyzing or just plain having a wholesome conversation about fine craft.  I was lucky enough to be paired up with a Manitoba artist and teacher named Seema Goel.  The folks before us had art degrees, but Seema and I brought a little something more to the table.  With my educational background in Child Development and Social Work, and Seema's in Biology and Hard Sciences, we discussed fibre art, making & community education.  HOW COOL IS THAT!?  We covered so much ground in our conversation and I think you will enjoy listening regardless of your background.

Monika Kinner-Whalen and Seema Goel, Episode #4

You need no special app. Just click to listen. It's long but relaxing, 45 minutes. We are Episode #4.  I encourage you to share with guilds and makers in your life.  Thank you SO much to the Canadian Craft Federation, my provincial craft council, and Maegan for her vision.

Here's the Link to the series.  WWW.CitizensOfCraft.CA / PODCAST  
Please let me know what you think!  : )

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