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Monday 11 September 2023

Third Season Spectacular!

September! It's been a ride lately, settling people and gardens. The colours are changing and I've been out enjoying fieldwork all over again. This third season provides a whole new pallet and brand new experience.

Horse Tail and Creeping Juniper

I don't think we've had frost, but while the days are warm, the nights are cooling. Reds are popping up!

Rosehips and Raspberry Leaves

I love finding nature growing in circles. I'm working on a whole series of them for a solo show in March 2024! (Saskatoon)

Natural Crescent of Juniper

Isn't that BEAUTIFUL!? I adore it so much. And then as I walk and walk over hills of juniper, more red appeared!


I saw the BIGGEST coyote! I'm used to them being medium sized, thin dogs, but sheesh! This one was well fed and large! (sorry, no photo.) I've come across two large porcupines by the side of the road over the course of a couple days but cannot find anyone interested in the quills. I might just collect some anyway for some Indigenous relatives or colleagues.

And lately, with loads of rain after a spring and summer of drought conditions, we have mushrooms popping up!

Inky Caps 

Look what my son and I did with them!

It's been an artful summer indeed, and the beautiful changes that September and October bring are just beginning. I'm so very grateful.

Have a great day. Enjoy the sunshine and the glorious colours.


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