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Monday 21 August 2023

The Prairie Continues

Still, when you drive down the highway, things look done and dry. The crops are being harvested. Season is over. It's so early though! But when you inspect the flora... it's thriving.

Bumblebees all over the Goldenrod

They were swarming!! They didn't care I was right in their midst.

This next photo (ok, cheating here) was in my neighbor's yard. Echinacea is a native plant. I'm not sure if this one in particular is a common species, however it was planted into their yard. The bees were swarming it too.

A lot of friends of mine have been posting images of bees just loading up on the flowers, sometimes a half dozen per flower! It's incredible to see.

I headed to the lake and took this photo, which I adore.

I photographed this huge rock earlier to show the new lichen that's developing on it. Now this bouquet is laid across. How perfectly lovely!!  We spend some time in the water at the lake and working on the future studio out there.

Blanket Flower

My research is winding down and my creation is gearing up. I have a couple commissions to do and I've been decluttering all my creative spaces in preparation for fall/winter studio time. It's like nesting, or building a cocoon for winter. I'm totally spring cleaning in preparation for hibernating into my studio time. I feel so good about it. The hot days we will continue to get will provide day trips to jump in the lake and play. They tend to be my favourite lake days. Sometimes I find summer a little too grueling and sluggish. My energy picks up in the fall. The colours change. The air changes. The smells change. The meals change too.

Have a beautiful August, 

~Monika K.


Lin said...

Beautiful flowers. Our garden has been swarming with bees all summer and we have managed to attract butterflies too which has been lovely. Now we need to do the same with birds over the winter.
Loving all your research pictures and looking forward to seeing what you create in hibernation! xx

Threadpainter said...

Hi Monika ... lovely photos of the flora in your neck of the woods !
Thank you for getting back to your blog ... there aren't many of us around anymore, but I do miss the personal interaction with fellow bloggers from far afield. I haven't been up-to-par myself but will try to post something more often. Nice to 'read'you again ;)

Threadpainter said...

Just saw this comment of yours .... absolutely agree that 'reading your messages are the best part of my day' !

Foxwoods said...

Thanks for the great effort you've put into this blog

Pay Someone To Do My Online Class said...

I love all the images from your research.

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