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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Saturday Stitches -> French Knots, part II

Hi!  Welcome back to Saturday Stitches!  This is my collection of embroidery tutorials as I learn more useful stitches for my work.

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Lately I've had requests from a couple of people for this post. (Thank you!)  With all the french knots I've been doing, it was suggested that I show how to get the different sizes of knots.

Canola Summer, 2012  (detail)

It's so simple to do!  I'll show you.

* From top to bottom, there are examples of how the size changes by the number of threads or strands you use at once.  You can even use yarn.  Heck - you could use a shoelace!  Basically, the knots will be bigger if you use thicker threads.

* From left to right, there are example of how the size changes with the amount of times you wrap the same amount of thread around the needle as you embroider.  For me, three wraps is too lumpy and chunky, though that has it's applications for sure.  One knot is very much 'a knot'.  I nearly always stitch a French Knot with 2 wraps because I like the way it looks.  It has more of a donut or nest shape and it's easier for me to get them looking uniform.  For teeny specks like snow or stars, one thread with one wrapped knot is also shown... VERY VERY small.

* There are other ways you could change the look of your knot, like by wrapping looser to create open loops.

Wolf Willow & Prairie Lilies, 2011 (sold)

So there you go!  If you need a French Knot refresher, click the Saturday Stitch post HERE for the tutorial.  You'll see it at the end of that post, so scroll through.  To see all Saturday Stitches posts, go up to the My Tutorials section in the menu bar at the top of this blog. Bye for now!


arlee said...

isn't it amazing how you can effect different looks with number of strands and types of thread? fascinating possibilities

PrairiePeasant said...

Thanks Monika! The visual comparison is so helpful! It's amazing how different they look with more or less strands and/or wraps.

Unknown said...

Thank you Monika - now I know what to do. I had not thought of varying the no of threads or wraps.

Hanna Samuel said...

I like your collection of embroidery digitizing tutorials. All the tutorials are great and very easy to understand. Great job. Thanks.

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