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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Snapshots

Autumn leaves are terrific, eh?  (That one is for you Karen!)  haha  Yes, I am Canadian.  Autumn is beautiful right now.  It has been gorgeous for weeks.  Today was downright hot out.  I found a beautiful leaf that was nearly 2 feet across!  It was my rhubarb, lying flat after the hard frost last week.

I held it up to the sun to snap these photos.  They were so BIG and full of autumn.

I just find leaves fascinating.  It was great to look at the detail of one so large.  I hope your Sunday was wonderful.  : )

Friday, October 17, 2014

Busy. Happy. Threadpainting.

Hello!  I thought I'd show you more of what I've been up to with one of the commissions.  It's a smaller sized version of the Spring Storm that was inspired by photos I took off of Grasswood Road 2 years ago after a tornado warning had lifted.  I've always loved that heavy sky over the bright field.  Here is the current progress on this piece.

I love the sky.  It's the perfect piece of batik.  As I'm threadpainting, I keep a working mat nearby to see how it is filling in.  It helps to understand where I'm going with the composition.

work in progress - Spring Storm commission

It's not done yet!  The machine work is nearly complete.  Now I'm ready to do some hand work with 12 weight threads.  12 weight is heavier that regular sewing thread.  With it, I'm stitching more texture into the dried cattails by embroidering straight stitches and lumpy french knots at the tops.  This is what the old autumn cattails look like the next spring.

Isn't it amazing how complete it looks with the matting, and how loose and undone it looks without?  I'm not sure how well you can see the handwork, but I'll post a nice clear image once it's complete.

Have a great weekend!
( no open studio this weekend - announcement coming soon... )

Back to work.   - stitch - stitch - stitch -

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Works in Progress

I'm in - and I'm stitching away.  I used four 100wt bobbins up already in just a couple days.  You can wrap a lot of decobob onto a bobbin.  In fact, it takes so long to wind one that it's likely the most boring thing I've ever done!  lol  Here are some works in progress...  Remember - they are not done and still quite plain, but I thought I had better show something.  ; )

That last walk out at Chief Whitecap Park with my dog put me in such an amazing mood.  I put my  images up on the computer to use as reference and start building the background colours up with fabric and thread.

The next photo is a work in progress with a mat just to see how things are filling in.  I keep an extra one nearby while I'm sewing so I can keep checking my progress.

work in progress

Now I'm ready for hand stitching.  But wait!  It's been so long since I've ran my machine, I had to keep working on more.  I figure I can spend a couple days later on just finishing the hand work on all of them...

Pictured above is on older photo I took out there last summer.  I've been hanging on to it for a while, knowing some day I would stitch it.  I just love the blending of colours in it - the shades of green and the plops of yellow.

Here it is in progress - the machine work is all done and the rest I will also do by hand.

work in progress - the bare bones of it

Oooh I love how this one is working out.  I feel like once the stems are in, it will be just perfect.

There you go - I feel caught up with show and tell after a couple of quiet months building the studio.  It is amazing to have all the threads and supplies organized and at hand.  I forgot how much I love threadpainting. : )  I have lots more on the go...  Talk soon!

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