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Friday, 26 August 2016

Travelling Interview

So... a few years ago, in the search for Canadian Art groups, I found ArtsQuest.ca on Facebook.  I've been following them ever since because they pop up art from across the country in all mediums, and I like seeing that!

You have to read about them:  Corinne and Gary Funk.  They live in their home on wheels, affectionately named 'ARTY'.  They have a cat too.  They also have a website and that's what they are building.  They came through my home town and asked for a studio visit.  I was so excited to finally meet them for real!  It was a great visit.  They stopped in to interview Judy Wood (photo & mixed media) and Paige Mortensen as well (batik paintings now on display at Handmade House).

Knowing they travel light and live small, I thought the best thing for me to do for them would be to offer some apple cider and let them pick a bag of apples after the visit.  I told them, 'I'm interviewing you, so I don't have to be nervous about you interviewing me'.  And out came my camera...

Cute hey!?  : )  They came from BC and are headed toward Manitoba.  Imagine that small space they live in.  I suppose they likely never fight over housework.  Lucky them!  : )

They were really great.  THANK YOU BOTH.  They don't have the 'marketplace' up yet, but that is their goal.  If you are a Canadian Artist and you are interested in finding out more, you can go to

You can watch a video about how they got started, and find out about the give-away contest they are doing, in the way of a Treasure Hunt!  : )

Safe travels!  Enjoy the apples.


Thursday, 25 August 2016

Things I Love Thursday

I love my apple tree.  My boy planted it a few years back.  It was $20 on clearance from a grocery store one fall.  It's fed our family well!

I love the sunsets in August,  They are getting earlier all the time.

at the river

I love the river so much.  And I love my Kayak!  I took my youngest out a couple days ago and couldn't be happier!!  We enjoyed the afternoon so very much.  I'd paddle upstream, and then I'd stop and we'd sit back to back as we slowly drifted back toward downtown.  Then again, and again - paddling and drifting, paddling and drifting.  SO fabulous.

On the weekend I held a clothing swap with my old mom's group.  Our babies that drew us together are all becoming teens now.  It's so great to still be so connected and have such strong friendships. We had a big group this time at my house, and everyone went home with bags of new duds.  : )  I lvoe free clothes.  lol  Who doesn't?  There were a few large garbage bags full as left overs and those will be donated to Elizabeth Fry Society this time.  I try to pick a different charity each time.  (You should try it - it's so worthwhile!)

And as the summer winds down, so does the fence project!  My daughters and I spent a couple (painful) hours chopping fabric knots off the fences.  We aren't quite halfway done.  We got 30 feet done, and have 40 still to go. We'll get back to finish the rest before school starts.  It was a great project - and I know so many people got to go see or take part in the big fabric bombing on Broadway Ave.  SO FUN.  Thank you everyone.  : )

I'm off to Handmade House for 2 days this week and then back in the studio.  I loaded a lot of new work in there if you want to go see.  THANK YOU for all the support.  It's been such a busy summer making and keeping my shelves full there.  : )

I hope your summer has been meaningful.
Talk soon!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

First Love

When I was little and people would ask, 'what do you want to be when you grow up?'  my answer from a very early age was ARCHITECT.  lol  I'm not even kidding.  Imagine hearing that from a sun burned farm kid.  I've always loved math, lines, drawing, and geometry.  I used to play with graph paper a lot and map out the house in order to plan different room layouts.  I used to design compact, useful closets in the way you can get organizers these days.  I liked things to all have their place, their space... and I liked rooms to have windows that made sense with the light and direction they were facing.

When I was about 10 or 11, my mom's good friend, the local gallery owner, brought a woman to our house to meet with me.  She was an Architect from a big US city and she was asked to teach me about perspective, vanishing points, and such.  It was informal, but I remember it quite well.  I don't recall what the woman looked like.  I DO fondly remember how gloriously BIG the paper was!  I LIKED THAT very much.  : )

Fastforward to 2016.  While in Calgary this spring, I had supper with a friend who had just returned from Germany.  Her name is Gudrun Neilsen and we sat down together and poured over dozens and dozens and dozens of photos she took from the streets looking up at these amazing buildings.  She emailed me a few to play with and I sketched them out with free motion onto postcard sized stablizer.

free motion sketching with black thread

Its a very fun techinique done in reverse with the bobbin.  The off-tension makes a nice ink-blot effect.  So here are the first few, in collaboration with and thanks to Gudrun Neilsen.  : )

Happy Birthday Gudrun : )

That one above is finished and mailed off to her for her birthday!

In the mean time, I have collected oodles of Saskatoon city photos in unconventional poses for another batch of thread sketches.  : )


Have a great day!

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