* * * Gathering Places * * * Solo Exhibition featuring downtown architecture at The Gallery at the Frances Morrison Central Library August 1 - August 30, 2018. Reception Thursday August 9, 7pm - 9pm.

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Monday, 13 August 2018

Saskatoon Morning

Artists often wonder if anyone ever bothers to read the 'Artist Statement' that we are required to write for applications and exhibitions.  Of course, I was asked to write one for my show, 'Gathering Places'.  This time, I didn't mind because I knew I had a specific story to tell. I just told it like it is.  (It's two blog posts back if you need to see it.)

Leisha Grebinski from CBC was in the library and happened to notice the Gallery.  My Artist Statement is posted there on the wall.  She went in and read it... for real! What she read made enough of an impression that she phoned me up for an interview to share the story with more people. How sweet is that!? Leisha is the host for Saskatoon Morning on our local radio station. I went in last week for a live in-studio interview. I was so very thrilled!

Here is the interview if you would like to listen in!  : )  Thank you so much CBC Radio!

The exhibition is up on the second floor until August 30th. The Frances Morrison Library is wheelchair/walker/stroller accessible and open Monday thru Saturday in downtown Saskatoon.

Prairie Lily
12 x 12"

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Gathering Places

Hello!  What a big week.  My solo show of stitched architecture is up!

Here I am installing 'The Park Town' 

There are 16 pieces of textile art stitched onto painter's canvases.  All are based on my adventures while taking walks in the downtown core last year during my launch breaks while working at Saskatoon Open Door Society every Friday.  The art fills the gallery perfectly and the lighting is beautiful in there.  (Sometimes I've noticed the spotlights are off so please ask the staff to light up the the work if you are in.)

2nd Floor, accessible
311 23 St E Saskatoon
(Across from City Hall)  Free, open:
Monday - Thursday 10 am to 9 pm
Friday - Saturday 10 am to 6 pm

Here are a few of my favourites!

The Navy
30" x 15"

'The Navy' is just what it says.  It's the view of the Royal Canadian Navy, from the back alley in Saskatoon.  It seems so contradictory that if you want to join the navy, you would move here to train in our landlocked prairie province, but that's the truth!  As I stood looking at this scene, I was struck at how it actually looks like a big old ship.  The poles tower above like ship masts, and and wires dip and crest like waves on the water.  Isn't that an incredible coincidence!?

12 x 12"

This is an interpretation of some grafitti I found while coming out of a back alley the wrong way. It stopped me in my tracks. If someone with a can of spray paint was to leave a mark on a big wall, well my gosh - what a sweet message they left! It's been since removed, but honestly, I quite liked it. It made me smile.

Her Back Gate
16 x 20"

Of course, if you do art revolving around Saskatoon buildings, you are expected to include our beloved Bessborough Hotel which overlooks the river.  The back courtyard of this building hosts many events including outdoor concerts and festivals.  On this day, I was coming back up from the river's shore to get back to the office.  I found a set of steps and had no idea this is where it would lead me!  I loved the view.  I adored the blue sky reflected in all the windows.  I figured this might be a good one because it was a less traditional viewpoint of the Bess.

Look at Those Windows!
15 x 30"

I captured the original photo while heading out for coffee with a coworker.  There was a watermain break and we were all sent home from the office.  As we walked, I looked up and saw this very sight.  I stood there hollering, 'LOOK AT THOSE WINDOWS!!' over and over.  I couldn't get over it. There was no pattern! There's always a pattern.  Even more, they were also placed at varying levels.  I just instantly decided that I need to meet the person who dreamed this up.  I also wondered why on earth we don't see buildings this fun more often!  : )  Look at those windows...  WOW!

There's a few fun stories for you.  Last Thursday night was the reception and it was a GREAT turn out!  There were friends, colleagues, people from Open Door, Handmade House, The Saskatoon Quilters Guild, and my 'gang' of fabulous women at Artists' Workshop too.  People even came in from nearby towns.  That was fun.  I did a little talk and then the fantastic folks who run the Gallery played Petula Clark's song 'Downtown' and some of us sang along.  : )

Gathering Places Reception August 9, 2018

I hope that if you get to see the show, you will leave a little note in the guest register.  I would love to hear from you!

Have a great day,

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Bucket List!

I'm super excited to announce:

Free motion stitching of downtown YXE architecture based on my cell phone images of 2017

Downtown was a place I had never bothered to venture. I had pegged the ‘Urban Jungle’ as cold and soul-less hubs constructed on lifeless concrete. I much prefer the flowers in the ditches, the river valley and the big prairie sky.

In 2016, I obtained a fantastic part time job with the Saskatoon Open Door Society on 3rd Avenue. I cringed at the idea of spending time downtown, but there I was. Suddenly I found myself with camera in hand, spending all my breaks and lunch hours wandering the streets. I discovered line, form, colour and a history of human spirit I had never known was there. I found a past and present of people’s energy and creativity.

As a landscape artist specialising in embroidery, my adventures in the downtown core compelled me to step out of my comfort zone and present my ‘discoveries’ as I felt them when I saw them for the first time. With colour and stitch, I hope you will enjoy my impressions of a variety of Saskatoon’s architecture in classic 'urban sketcher' style.

Once the show is up, I will post images of the pieces and tell you the stories that go with each.  : )

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