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Friday, November 21, 2014

A Friday Finish!

Whew - it's done!  Commission complete.  This is the view from the Meota Highway, loooking across Jackfish Lake, Saskatchewan.

I just sent a photo to the woman who will be the new owner to see what she thinks.  She lives at this lake, so it's a personal piece for her.  It's quite big - will be in a 14x14" frame.  Much of the surface is done with sewing thread by hand.  All the pale stitches in the fields are hand work, and of course the flowers, grasses & fence wires in the foreground are as well.

s usual... I don't have a title yet.  'From Old Meota Road' ... that has a certain ring to it.  This new threadpainting will go the framing studio next week.  Hooray!  It sure feels good to get things done. : )

Just to make note - I'll be selling my wares at a local Christmas Art & Craft sale in Saskatoon on Saturday November 29th.  Keep posted and I'll share the details once I have them.

Have a great weekend friends,

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's All In Progress

Today I am finishing up the first big commission.  It's the view over Jackfish Lake from the little Meota highway.  This is a retirement gift, 8x8" that will be framed to 14x14".

There's a lot of hand work in it to get the shading I need.  I still need to add some foreground and fence wires by hand.  It's getting there though.  The 'ugly' phase seems to have passed.

Also - I realize I haven't posted good, full images of my home studio.  Here is one from the entry room...

It's the room of my dreams.  It's still a wrok in progress. We have window casings and entry room baseboards to add still.  But isn't the light terrific for a basement!?

The room is 24ft long by 13ft wide.  At the back there behind the shelf wall at the right, there is a bathroom.  It's awesome.  The far back door leads to the furnace room and storage.  The entry room on the left is the bottom of the stairs, and has chairs and a table for food breaks when I'm teaching.  There are 3 big banquet tables for the classroom.

By request - here is a couple 'before' images of my space!  (EW)

What else is in the works...  Right now I'm planning another threadpainting class which is full already.  We just have to juggle a time.

Oh !  I have a good friend who is heading toward a career in sexuality & health for women.  She found images of colourful embroidered vulvas in little hoops on the net and wants to have a stitching night - women only.  I'm giggling but fully embarrassed at the same time.  I wasn't even sure if I should blog it (oh what a prude I am).  But after I told her about all the rich batiks fabrics I have and the amazing fibres and embroidery threads, her excitement for this class was contagious.  So - we have a date set. She wants to hang her finished pieces as ornaments on her tree!  : ) I already told her she doesn't need to pay a class fee, but she had better bring wine!  lol

What do you think about that!?

And... I have some interest in a silk ribbon class.  I'll try to figure that one out too.  I have loads and loads of ribbon.  I'd love to get back doing that again.  I would have a couple spaces available there (Saskatoon, SK Canada).  It would be daytime and you can email if interested Monika@MySweetPrairie .ca

In progress - pretty much everything!  Linking to WIP Wednesday at TN&TN.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Another One Down!

I just finished this up!  I'm pretty happy with it.  It's a commission - the last of the small ones I have to do before the holidays.

It's based on a photo I took when the sun was setting to my right, and I was facing the other side of the river bank,  It was September and it was gorgeous at that moment.

There was a little walking bridge that I included.  The water was an orange piece of batik that I touched up with some coloured pencils, echoing the reflection of the darks and lights of the shoreline.  Then I put some of the water ripples in with a holographic blue.

Here's the photo from that very cold evening.  Mine doesn't look quite as dulled & peachy as I had my monitor set a little deeper and brighter to distinguish the colours.

view of Meewasin (beautiful valley) banks of the South Saskatchewan River

I picked my bright threads a little brighter, and my muddy colours a little more vibrant.  Now I get to mount it, frame it, and call the client to see what she thinks.

The next several that I'm doing will be very, very green and summery.  Perhaps that will inspire some winter art after the holidays?  : )

Talk soon!
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