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Monday, July 28, 2014

Postcards Workshop

Anytime I head to another town or city, I like to put a call out to run a class in order to help pay my way.  This weekend I headed to Regina / Rouleau and Jeannette from Jenny Penny Poppy hosted a postcards class with some of the Regina Stitch Guild (I hope I got that title correct).  The class was held in White City which is a small town just 5 minutes east of Regina.  Jeannette happens to be an amazing artist / embroidery.  Please check out her beautiful blog!

I'm taking a picture of Jeanette taking a picture of me.  (Her art on the wall behind her.)

Jeanette and six of her stitching friends gathered in Jeanette's creative space.  I brought all my postcards for a show & tell, all my card making stash, and picked the theme: Near & Dear to My Heart.  Away they went...

I always adore her hand stitching.

Pictured above is Jeanette's card.  She loves her garden!  Her sewing room has a walkout to a beautiful green space.  It began raining but I managed to quickly snap this pic from the doorway.  ; )

hollyhocks by her door

I often get distracted by pretty things once I have my big red camera out.  Look at this paper-folded book that one of the participants created in a recent workshop!

Super-lovely.  I love interesting books.

Here are the terrific postcards that the group made - photographed 'Canadian Style' on top of a camping cooler. : )  I was going to crop that out but I decided that the women's hands were to sweet, so I left them in.

Each card has something near and dear to the maker's heart.  During the show and tell, I asked each person to tell us what that was.  That's always my favourite part of class.  Aren't the cards spectacular?  Not all are completed yet.  Some still need borders put on.  There are so many techniques - lots of layering, different applique methods, hand stitching, couching some nice chunky yarns, and look at those elephant ears!  : )  Very 3D.

Thank you ladies for having me!  Thank you Jeanette for opening your home.  I had a really nice time.

p.s. As promised, your 'Dog River' Postcards are on their way : ).

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Snapshots

My road trip from Regina to Roulea.


We were rained on a few times, but the entire day at 'Dog River' was just perfect.

 It rained many times and cleared over and over.  It was just so pretty!

Everything is just so full of colour.  We passed seven flax fields!  Unfortunatley it was storming at the time so it's hard to see the colours well.  Still, not bad for a 'drive by shooting'.  : )

I adore the cloud - it is one giant.

And of course, there's something so picturesque about seeing those old red barns on a sunny day.  : )

Too sweet. 
Happy Sunday everyone and see you tomorrow!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Finished it Friday

Check this out!  Saturday only, in Rouleau from 9am to 12 noon you can get your postcards hand stamped by Canada Post with this!

Dog River Days on Facebook made this announcement : )

So - on that day from 11 to 4, I will have paper postcards ($1), blank greeting cards ($10), and quilted Prairie Postcards ($28) ready to go.  How cool is that?  Here are some of the cards I have packaged up...

...from dreamy and smokey

to hot and bright...

 ...big, big sky with lots of day-dreamy-ness.  ; )

and of course, when you think of prairie summer, how can you not think LAKE!  : )

I had so much fun working with these commercial batiks and odd prints.  Can you get over the numbers?  I am completed card #245.  All cards are #'d and labelled on the backs with a pretty Postcard stamp.  I still have a stray #9 card in my sewing room.  That's shocking, hey?!  245... and no two alike.  I do love me some prairie.

see you on the flipside...

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