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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Work in Progress - My Studio

It's half way through August and I happily got to crack open that giant bucket of drywall primer.  After 2 huge heavy buckets of mud, it's finally time!  I love painting walls.  It's even better when it's your own walls.  I managed to get the entire studio space primed yesterday!  My husband walked in and said - 'woah!  it suddenly looks like a room!'  It really does.

cell phone pick.  yes. i paint in my pj's

I know people are expecting this to be done faster, but that mudding and sanding took forever trying to fit it in here and there throughout the busiest summer of my life.  We didn't hire anyone and we have three kids and jobs so... you know.  It happens when it happens.  Plus, there's lots of corners with the bathroom and dropped down furnace ductwork that my husband had to frame around.

see the star?  That's where I've collapsed in the first photo : )

I still have to finish a bit of sanding in the stairwell and the entry way /  landing / sitting area ...  not sure what name to give that space at the bottom of the stairs.  It's enough room for a comfy chair and desk, with a plant and bookshelf... and it has a west window.  I'm sure the view from there through the French Doors of the studio will so be very pretty.  Maybe I'll use it as a little gallery display for work waiting for a new home.  : )

As for my space - I'm so happy with it.  The light - isn't it great?  No one is allowed to say, "Ew!  Poor girl.  She's stuck in a basement."  At least do not say it out loud around me.  I did.  I said it.  My heart was broken when I admitted this was the best I could afford to do.  I went down there into the cellar with my tail between my legs, hung my head in shame and said, "ew.  poor girl.  she's stuck in a basement."  But I fixed it.  I decided I can make the best of it.  I'm pretty good at things like that.  When life give you lemons... have a party!  lol   The first thing you think of when you hear 'basement' is cold and dark.  This isn't.  The lights are the colour of broad daylight.  I'm going to put my very happy plants down there.  I have a south window.  It's fresh and new which is an amazing feeling in itself.  I have some beautiful paint colours picked.  My main wall will be gallery white.  I'll have beautiful landscape inspiration on the walls.  Maybe I'll blow up some of my best photos.  The floor boards will be a nice earthy dark brown.  I'll have a loveseat and some pretty cushions.  It will feel good.  It will feel alive and happy and conducive to creativity.  It has to be.  It's my she-cave.

I hope you will enjoy it.  I hope people will come to stitch with me.  I look forward to classes and studio visits.  I look forward to new projects.  I feel full of butterflies when I think about moving furniture in!!  ; )

How it all started - we've come a long way.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Commission for ME (!) And one completed..

A commission for me.  YES!  Remember last year when I commissioned an illustrator to make a family cartoon for the holidays?  It was the BEST.  No regrets.  Now in anticipation of my new workspace, I've been dreaming up something special - something very personal and from my heart.  I approached a fibre artist that I consider to be SPECTACULAR.  I found her work on Flickr and decided to 'pop the question'.  She said yes!  I'm so thrilled.  I'll show you when it's done.  Her style is very specific (for lack of better term) so if I show her off now, you'll miss half of the excitement when I unveil the final artwork.  I am buzzing with happy over this.  I makes me understand how important of a role an artist has with a personal commission.

Speaking of commissions, I just finished up a threadpainting for a very special woman who is soon to be leaving the prairies.  She requested the grasses swaying in the breeze.   I just finished it up this morning.  I'm not sure yet what to name this piece, but it's a big deal I think.  She'll be taking this little bit of prairie with her, packed up in a box with her belongings, next to other boxes full of more of the same.  I'm not sure where she's going, but I understand it's a big move.  It was life changing for me the day I came back to the prairie.  It's bittersweet thinking about her leaving.

If you are reading this, I hope you love this and I sincerely wish you all the best on the next chapter in your life.  : )

Friday, August 15, 2014

Because Kids Need Fibre Too!

Last night I met with a group of artists who are being hired by the Children's Discovery Museum thanks to a grant from the SaskArts Board - me being one of them!  This is so awesome!  Later this year, the Children's Discovery Museum will be hosting a program called 'Young at Art'.  Nearly every Saturday from September to the end of November there will be Artist-led workshops for kids aged 5 to 10.  The Saturdays will alternate with contracted artists and CDM staff.

There will be sculpture, mixed media, face painting, collage, pastels, watercolour... and would you believe that almost half of the artists are fibre artists!?   Each happen to be Craft Council Members as well.  That's pretty cool!  Heike Fink of Feltastic Fibre (linked) will be doing a children's wet Felting project.  Allison Brandt of Who New Creations (linked) will be doing puppets - she makes fantastic puppet theatres.  I will have the kids create an art banner (like the traditional Prayer Flags) to display at the museum.  Each child will hand stitch their own flag & embellish it with their hopes and dreams.  I'll also have an interactive 'yarn bombing' project in the room.  FUN.  I really look forward to this!  It's such a great opportunity.

an idea of what the banner will involve but on a much larger scale

The CDM is still sorting out some details and then later when they have a formal invitation / event poster, I'll let you know more including the entire line up of artists and activities.  I think kids will need to be pre-registered but spaces are not up for grabs quite yet.  There will be about 100 spots each art day (split into five 1hr long activity times that can accomodate a maximum of 20 kids).

...that means I need to put together one hundred kits.  : )

If you didn't know, the Children's Discovery Museum in Saskatoon is fairly new.  We haven't had anything like a science centre here.  Our version was started out in a van as a mobile interactive children's display.  For the past several years, they have been in a space at Market Mall where they have lots of educational and interactive areas.  They have HUGE dreams, and are on the preferred list to be considered as the new tenants of The Mendel Art Gallery space (linked to brief news article).  Our beloved Mendel - everyone is so sad that it will come to an end as the art space moves to the new Remai Gallery a little further up the river bank.  Still, if anything is to move in to the Mendel space, I'm excited that it will be filled with children, art, science, and discovery.  It will remain a buzz of activity.  The Conservatory will stay, and the children have the new Kinsmen amusement park being built right across the road in City Park.  It's down right perfect - free splash park and paddling pool too!

It's all good.

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