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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

On to Round Two.

Every three years, there's a juried show called 'Threadworks' out of Ontario.  The first time I heard of it, I had missed the deadline - not that it mattered as I had barely learned to thread a needle.  Three years ago, I was a big scaredy cat and didn't even consider entering.  THIS year, with a little coaxing, I worked on a fairly big project for me, and entered it!  There's always a theme and the show entries go through two rounds of jurying before being selected.  ie: 'scary'

Guess what?  I did it.  One day before the deadline I entered the first round of jurying.  Lookie what I just got!!

I bounced around the house exclaiming 'yippee!!! I did it!  woohoo!!! I did it!  Yahoooo!!! Woopeee!!  I did it!'  AI don't know why it's do darned exciting, but it really is a thrill.  Now, I will pack it up and ship it to Ontario for the next round of the jurying process.  I'll find out the results around the beginning of next month.  I will show you photos of the piece then.

: )


Karen said...

Go, Monika!!! :))
xx Karen

Lin said...

Congratulations Monika! And anyway, why would they NOT want your work? xx

Cheryl Coville said...

Congratulations! This is always a great show, and the best part is that some of the pieces travel around Ontario to select museums and galleries for a couple of years. Hope I'll soon be seeing your work in person.

Laurel's Stitches said...

Congratulations, Monika! It is inspiring to continue to hear of your many successes!

Jaynie Himsl said...

Glad you did that scary, scary thing of entering. I'll look forward to hearing about more dancing around and whooping it up!

Threadpainter said...

Congratulations Monika !!!!! So proud of you !
I am sure you will survive the second round !!!

Bernie said...

Awesome!! Look at you go and grow!!

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