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Monday, 14 March 2016

It's A Wrap!

They pulled it off again - The 2nd annual showcase of the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild was Sunday.  It was a crazy spring-windy day on the prairie, and all the snow is gone here.  For a small guild in a small venue, they had well over 300 visitors in just 6 hours.  Big congratulations!!!

Here's a few of my favourite photos...

Quilts - large and small.  There were even some wearables in modern fabrics.  That was fun to see!

Below is a close up of a quilt I had a great view of from my booth.  I love the mix of plaid with curves.  This is so great!

A lot of the colours were outstanding.  Of course, there was the traditional white and grey (OMG!!  Modern has it's own 'tradition', doesn't it!  lol).  The next photo was one of my favourite quilts for many reasons.  The POW, BANG! of colour is crazy-exciting with black, and I have always adored feather shapes / arrows.  I had to stand and stare at this for a while.  It made me very happy.

I'm sorry, I failed to read who made this, and who quilted it, not sure whose pattern it is originally.  I just stood and stared.  IF you know, please put it in the comments.  We were allowed to photograph, so away I went!

Amongst many friends, old and new, look who else I found at the show!

Jaynie Himsl from Weyburn SK was there with her daughter, representing the Canadian Quilters Association.  On the wall are four of Jaynie's awesome topographical art quilts.  Look her up on Facebook!  : )

Of all the visitors and guests, I have to tell you the best story I have about my day there.  A boy (grade 6 I'd guess??) came to me with his mom.  She told me that he took a stitching class from me at his school last year.  Since then, he's been so interested in stitching and wants to learn to threadpaint.  He came to look at my work in my booth, and inquire about more classes.  I calmly said "Yes of course.  I would love that."  Inside I was like, "OH YES!  WOOHOO!!!  THIS IS AWESOME!  YES!  YES OF COURSE!!!!"  hahaha  I gave her direction to check out videos on youtube of a man named 'P. Nosa' who makes threadsketches on the spot for passers by with his solar powered sewing machine.  It's similar to what my 12 year old boy has been doing at public demos.  I so strongly encourage this for children.  I think it's so great and super easy for kids to pick up and figure out.  They are not at all intimidated by threadpainting like so many adults are.  And why on earth would you put a needle and thread only in the hands of girls?  Boys love this stuff!   It's art with a machine that has a motor and computer in some cases.  They eat it up!  I look forward to connecting with them again and look forward to seeing what this little person will accomplish in the future!!  : )

Happy, happy story.


Patti said...

Wasn't it a fantastic show?! The organizers did such a great job. Many of them work outside the home and have small children on top of everything else. I was in awe. I'm so happy you liked my stripes and quilted curves. (sorry you had to stare at for 6 hours, lol!) As always your work makes me wish I could wallpaper my house with it. Tell A I got lots of compliments on the bracelet she made too! :)

Jaynie Himsl said...

Hearing that you've inspired the boy must have been the icing on your day. It makes me smile just hearing about it.

Lin said...

Looks like a great show Monika - and lovely to have inspired a young person! xx

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Wonderful idea and good on you for sharing with our young ones!

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