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Monday, 7 March 2016

Sunday Funday with the MQG

Sunday, March 13th is the 2nd Annual Showcase of the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild!  It's hard to believe a year has gone by.  The event is at the same location as last year - Nutana Legion in Saskatoon.  Here's the poster again for details:

I will be there as a Vendor!  I'll have a small collection of threadpaintings, 2 dozen quilted 'Wish You Were Here' postcards, plenty of my framed Mini Prairie Threadpaintings, Blank Greeting Cards, and Postcard Making Supplies.

Liam will be joining me later this summer as a Vendor elsewhere with his leatherwork, but Arwen will be joining me again this year.  (I had to split them up since there was hurt feelings over one selling more than the other.)  Arwen is pretty darned excited.  I brought home some new supplies for her from the Metal Dezigns shop on Broadway.  She spent all weekend making, making, making.  Since she has a good amount of good-looking stock, I decided that she needs to have this opportunity.  She's had three sales before, and she just keeps getting better.

She works over a towel so things don't roll away on her.  Here's one design she did in a variety of colour combinations.  I call the first pair!  : )

Here are some Pride styles that she made, sold out of, and is making more again...

And while she was home from school over the lunch period today, I had her pick out backgrounds and design business cards.  She offers free repairs if anything comes apart.  : )  I love them!  The cards have a variety of colours.  How awesome. : )

I have nothing to show.  I'm a work in progress right now.  I have lots of sewing!  I best get going. : )

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