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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday Snapshots #6 (yr 2)

When I woke up and looked down at all the roof tops, everything was WHITE.  Fortunately, it was only frost.  It's still a gorgeous fall here but the nights are now below freezing.

our neighbor's brown roof under a sheet of frost

And of course... the harvest moon was lovely as ever this past week.  I missed the very start of it because the kids didn't want to stop playing video games to come with me.  Oh well.  We found a new road to park on and saw a great big rabbit hop by us in the ditch.  That impressed them.  (Can we keep it!!?).

You'll never, ever catch it.  It's the moon, moon, moon.

Happy Sunday!


Kit Lang said...

Wow - love the shot of the moon. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

simply beautiful :)

Stay inspired!
Brain Angles - Invisible Ink

Ellie said...

Love the colours in that tree and that moon is huge.

Sheila said...

The tree is gorgeous and that moon , wow what a great shot!

rosie said...

You have your beautiful autumn colors, and we have our beautiful greenness as we head quickly towards a very hot summer..
Enjoy your autumn days...

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