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Friday, 30 September 2011

- - - Saturday Stitches - - -

Hi!  Saturday again... how did that happen?  OCTOBER!?  How did that happen?  Welcome back to watching me teach myself some embroidery.  : )

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I found an interesting stitch called a cable chain.  It looks JUST like an old fashioned chain.  Here's how you do it - you make a regular chain to start, and then before each stitch, you will need to wrap the needle once first like this:

It's so easy.  It turns curves well.  As for applications, I see a doggie chain or collar.  I see a perfect swing set chain!  I see a ball & chain.  ; )  I'm sure all the modern steam-punk embroiderers love to use this one!

I also did some Buttonhole Wheels.  They are EASY.  You always start at the center, unless you are me.  You should mark your outer circle first, unless you are like me.  lol  I realize the outer blue circle is terrible...  but remember, I am learning.

And then I got carried away - mostly due to making mistakes.  But that's all right.  That is how I learn.

I didn't like how crooked my blue wheel was, so I threaded the outer circle.  If you click back to the other Saturday posts, you'll see that I like that threading technique!  It helped a lot and added a rope-like effect around the edge.  This next sample is from another circle I didn't mark.  I messed it up, and look what happened!  Sweet.

Sometimes, you have to just go with it.  This gives me lots of ideas!  Have a great weekend everyone.

stitching in Saskatoon


Linda Coleman said...

Hi Monika,
thanks for doing this each Saturday. Are you going to put all your samples into a little book so you have it as a reference?

Sequana said...

Boy can I see a lot of adaptations for this chain......Thx for putting this up.

Michelle V. Alkerton said...

Such pretty stitches indeed :).
Stay inspired!

Dena Wilton said...

Great stitches Monikia!

upstateLisa said...

You sure don't look like a novice at embroidery! Those are all wonderful!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

You sure are playing with some fun stitches! Did you ever say what type of fabric, thread, or needle you are using? Just curious. Can't wait to see what you try next week.

Rachel Hauser said...

This is all so clever, Monika. Makes me want to get out the stuff and do some doodling.

Rachel Hauser said...

This is all so clever, Monika. Makes me want to get out the stuff and do some doodling.

Rachel Hauser said...

This is all so clever, Monika. Makes me want to get out the stuff and do some doodling.

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