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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday Snapshots #4, year II

After a week of paperwork, I'm spending hours a day handstitching the final touches on the first half of my show entry.  For the first time, I will say, "oooh my fingertips are sore!".  Here's some photos for you.  They are re-runs, but good ones.  ; )

a quite, calm fall morning of the back deck

It's officially Fall, but still so beautiful out.  It's October and Thanksgiving is only one week away.  I've been enjoying my morning runs even though today is a bit rainy & grey for the first time in months.  Do you recall this next photo?

the 7 dwarfs

I get such a kick out of that picture.  My Tante (Aunt) Erika brings her lawn ornaments into the garden shed each winter for hibernation.  She sets them at the window like that so they can look out... and she's not even one of our 'crazy' relatives! lol

Here's a photo I took just before getting back onto the highway from Bernie's sewing attic.  I like the way I've cropped it.  It's kind of - weird lumpy nature meets shiny bright fast modern.  The life in the ditch takes total command of this photo.

I was doing some blog hopping and found this post on Ag Science and Art... no kidding!  I wish I could have been there!  Take a look - over at Two Dresses Studios in Alberta.

Happy Fall.  Happy Sunday.  Happy October!


1 comment:

Kit Lang said...

I think it's very generous of Tante Erica. :) And I love the photo. ;)

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