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Thursday, 17 September 2015

I Finished It x3!

I can't tell you how relieved I am to have this done in time for the sale at Solar Gardens!  I took the photos on Sunday, and then worked all week non-stop to get this accomplished.  Here's the image that I couldn't resist.

I wanted to make my 5x5" square sizes, and thought, 'how great to make several sections of this view!'  And I away I went...

Day 1 - I will count that as the day I headed out to the hills and took the photographs.  Later, back in my studio I loaded the images, sorted through them, picked my favourites, made some crops and brightened a few up.

Day 2 - I spent this day selecting the right fabrics, pressing them, snipping them, coordinating then, fusing them, messing up, taking it apart, snipping and re-snipping and then fusing them.  With fabric markers, I marked out where I wanted the faded layer (too lazy/exhasted to snip a different green). Then I cleaned up my huge mess from the last project and started to select my thread colours.  This took an entire day.

Day 3 & 4 - Freemotion stitching.  It worked out fairly well to have three on the go at once.  I like how each is different, but look great together.  As always, I end up pulling way more threads than I start with.  Once I really look and work through a scene, I always discover colours I didn't notice the first time over.

The end of Day 3 is where I'm left with the ugly phase. Sorry.  No photos.  lol  It is the phase I question myself.  Can I do this?  WHY did I start this?  What was I thinking?  Should I just stop now?

By the end of Day 4, I am seeing the light.  YES!  I can see the finish line.  This is turning out to be awesome!

Day 5 - Today is Day 5.  I did it!  I finished all three.  I spent the rest of the day photograping my work and writing this blog post.   I just need to hand stitch in my signature on each.

Day 6 - I will be signing, cleaning glass, matting, framing, putting on the backing & the hardware, pricing, and packing it up.

I feel so good about this accomplishment!  I can't wait to set up in the Glass House out at Solar Gardens.  I need to thank my husband for making the treck to Weyburn for pick up and Regina for drop off on my behalf, and to Caryl at Handmade House for switching shifts so I could use Friday to work on the show.  THANK YOU both -  I got an entire week to produce art, and it was well worth it.

See you Saturday?  : )


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Wow this is incredible art. I am in awe.

Anna said...

Simply impressive and the result so, so beautiful. X

Jo Ferguson said...

Exquisite work.

Verna G said...

those are beautiful Monica!

C. Heinrichs Good Earth Quilting said...

Gorgeous, would you like to participate with my Clever Embroidery Series on my blog?

Laurel's Stitches said...

X3 - Wow, Monika, that is quite a feat! Your family mustn't have seen you while you were working. Your work is absolutely gorgeous!

Hope you have a very successful weekend!

Lin said...

Beautiful Monika! Hope you have a great weekend. xx

Vicki W said...

Fabulous! Thanks for sharing your process.

Sonia Parham said...

I am amazed at what you can do with thread and your sewing machine. :)

Maggi said...

These are just so gorgeous.

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