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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Things I Love Thursday

I love that drive we took out to Solar Gardens last week.  Here are a few more images I captured - some of which I have been working on with thread in time for the show & sale this weekend.

I love that soft palette!  There was a light drizzle that morning and the hills were misty.  Doesn't it look 'fake'!?  Wow.

I love this next one very much.  It's a crop of a longer image I took.  I love the layers and layers...  I love how far you can see, or how far you can't see.  !  : )

Incredible.  It got very dark and the colours were so deep from the rain.  I love it so much!  I am very grateful to have had a view like this.

Up close was beautiful too,

I love how you can see every blade of grass.  I love how they each have their own colour.  It's so pretty.  (sigh)

On the way back to the city, we passed the softest, fluffiest fields.  The cattails were just in shock from the frost the night before.  Look at the colours and textures!

It was amazing.  I love this season.  I picked out some threads and have been stitching all week, every day, all day.  It's a pleasure to get to get to use some of these colours again! : )

I'll post once more before the weekend. : )  Please say hi if you come out to Solar Gardens.  There will be three buildings with art - the Dining Hall, the big Tent, and the Glass House.  You can find me set up in the Glass House.  : )  We are told that Solar Gardens has credit card point of sales available on site.  Bring a friend!

Happy Thursday!


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

These photos look like paintings. Such a wonderful landscape. I love your earth tone threads too.

Jo Ferguson said...

There's just so much inspiration in those photos. They're beautiful.

Lin said...

Stunning photographs Monika - I love the way that rain brings out the colours. We will have lots of brown bracken in the woods here soon and the richness of the colour after rain in amazing! Have a great weekend at Solar Gardens. xx

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