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Monday, 14 September 2015

Exciting September

On Sunday, a large group of artists headed out to Solar Gardens so that organizer and artist Judy Wood could show us around the venues for the upcoming sale.  GOSH is that ever a fantastic place.  I've never been there before as I'm usually driving past the turn off to get to Pike Lake.  The show is Saturday and Sunday this coming weekend, and I'm very excited.

My friend Nicki Ault and I finally did our long awaited photo shoot together.  She is landscape painter and we met shortly after we both started out at an art show 5 years ago.  It's been fun watching each other's career grow.  We took photos from the rolling hillside of another painter's new acreage.  WOW.  What great timing!  After a couple of cold nights, the landscape is transforming with colour!

Bridget's horse   : )

Bridget Aitkin is another painter in the group.  She does gorgeous large work that often feature large beasts like horses and cows on the land.  I can't find her online, but you can see the Spotlight on Bridget at Nicki's Blog here.  It features lots of images of her work.  I got to see so many of her large paintings at her studio.  She is so inspiring to me, the way she paints with abstract impressionism (if that's the correct term).  She led us on some trails through the rolling hillside.  There were beautiful batches of poison ivy.  I think that's what this is.  It turned flaming red!

Often when you look into sheltered groves of trees, you can find some pretties as they begin to transform as well.  The little blasts of yellow are so fun!

Pretty - pretty - pretty!  I have a whole load of images now, and feel so rejuvenated by the women who paint.  I'm starting two new threadpaintings today based on all the fabulous vistas I captured.  You can expect to see them at the show on the weekend!  Frames, glass and mats are ready to go.  

Mark your calendars!  I''ve linked the names in this post so you can see more of their work.  Expect to see plenty of glass art and pottery out at Solar Gardens as well.  : )  Details in the show poster below:


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Sounds fantastic! wish I could be there. Your photos are breathtaking.

HollyM said...

Such an array of artists! Wish I could see it. You'll have fun!

Nicki said...

It was a great day- so glad we finally made it out to take pictures! So fun. You got some beautiful shots- you will have to send Bridget the picture of Topper. See you this weekend! I can hardly wait to see your new work!

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