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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Journey

Last month I was contacted by a couple to make a gift for a loved one to celebrate their journey.  This was a very different commission.  Often people ask for certain threadpaintings based on my photos that I post of surrounding prairie.  This one was completely created based on symbolism.  The couple wanted to show a winding path for the journey, fill it with light and flowers, with the sun appearing on the horizon.  Of course, I don't have this photo, so I had to invent it.  It was a wonderful challenge!  THANK YOU.  Here's how it started.  First I drew up a couple sketches.  They chose this one.

We had some discussion about sky colour, flowers, fences and such.  It's a small piece, but I am still giggling at myself with how much I managed to work into it.  Here it is!  3x5 inches, all free machine embroidery with the exception of the fence and my signature.

The Journey, 2015 commission

I hope they love it.  It always makes me a little nervous to know that it's a gift for someone else.  You know - maybe the buyer loves it, but what if the recipient isn't into it?  I'll hear back soon to see how it went over.  Holding my breath...

So today is 'delivery day' after the labour day weekend.  ahha punny.  I will send off a mini threadpainting to France (thank you!), the Goldenrods at Pike Lake commission will reside in Edmonton, and The Journey will be dropped off here in Saskatoon.

Now to prepare for the Solar Gardens sale coming up Sept 19 & 20th.  I will have my prairie threadpaintings as well as some new yarn embroidery, possibly a few surprises as well!  Incidentally, Ken Wilkinson will be selling his pottery out there.  He's the artist I paired up with for the 'Ceramics and Stitchery' exhibition in Melfort this spring!  : )  There will also be prints, paintings, glass, illustrations, and more.  Maybe we'll see you there?


Lin said...

The Journey is absolutely beautiful Monika - how could they not love it! Can't wait to receive my new mini. xx

Jo Ferguson said...

It's gorgeous and absolutely perfect for the celebration of a journey. That long winding road is just the right touch.

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