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Monday, 7 September 2015

Goldenrod at Pike Lake

I finished the most recent commission!  I'm pretty happy with it.  It's getting the sweetest of comments of facebook, I think because I showed the initial stages with the completed photo.  From a couple pieces of batik to the finished threadpainting, it is quite a transformation.

fabrics based on a photo I took

woo boy!  Photographing in the studio on a grey day is rough.  I will have to try again when the light changes.  My studio lights are so bright and all-encompassing that there tends to be no shadow in the photo, making it look rather flat.

And here it is!

Goldenrod at Pike Lake, 2015

I love the sunshine and shadows so much,  I think it's my first time threadpainting Goldenrod.  This is a place full of childhood (and possibly adult)  memories for her.  : )  I love that title.  It's personal, and I wonder how many people will say that out loud before they read the title.

Last week, I had mats cut and ordered a standard frame for it.  It's all ready to go.  My initials are hand stitched in the bottom corner.  Here it is photographed before the glass was put in.  This is what it will look like in it's new owner's home once it's put together and has the hardware added. : )  It will live in Edmonton, AB.

Now I'm on to the next commission which is a gift for a loved one.  : )  Back to the studio...


Lin said...

Beautiful Monika. xx

Vicki W said...

I am amazed with every piece you do!

arlee said...

Goldenrod has always been one of my favourite naturals, even before i learned i could dye with it. These are magical, a deft hand and sensitive look making them absolutely breath taking.

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