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Monday, 27 December 2010

5 - End of the Year Countdown

Wow- five more days.  I can hardly believe it.  I'm really in awe of house 2010 flew dramatically through my life.  When I look back to list my accomplishments as an artist and sewist, I'm stunned.  How did it all happen?  My life was on no particular path 12 month ago.  Each night I lie in bed, I make a new resolution for 2012.  There's a few.  I've never really had resolutions before.

Spring on the Prairie, 2010 (sold)

I hope you all enjoyed your extra long weekend.  Here's a monumental moment for me (and also a mental one at that!) this last blogyear.  I am not having you read this so I can show off.  I'm really not like that.  I'm posting this so you can have a good laugh.  Oh gosh it was stressful!  Click here:

here we go...

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