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Sunday, 26 December 2010

6 - End of the Year Countdown

Ooh I'm so excited!  I'm putting together a quilt design for A Needle Pulling Thread magazine, working on Mandy's Magical Tree, and testing out some hand embroidery stitches.  Fun!  I love learning new things.  The EQ5 book are SUPER easy to figure out by the way.  I'm enjoying putting ideas together and swapping out colors with the click of a button.
Butterfly Forest, 2009 (sold)

I'm really NOT computer savvy, so the books are very helpful.  Speaking of which, I have a confession.  I'm doing the blog countdown like this because blogger isn't allowing me to add more pictures!!  I've maxed it out.  What do I do!?  Some blog photos I've clicked on at other sites link to flickr.  I cannot figure that out.  Any bloggers out there hit the wall and rectified this situation?  In the mean time, enjoy this post...

  here we go... 


Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

HI Monika, Re. the photo situation: I don't know how to do the Flickr thing, but it is useful to cut down the file size of the photo before you upload it. So,for instance, instead of uploading a photo that is 2.1MB, reduce it's size to 100KB. it doesn't really change the appearance of the photo on the computer screen, but you would be able to upload a lot more photos. I can't seem to find the info about how much space I have left to post. However, I imagine that they probably provide you extra space for a fee. Michelle

My Sweet Prairie said...

Thanks Michelle. Yeah - my photos are all set VERY big - like 4MB+, for when I'm out there photographing prairie. Resizing after the fact is so much work. I think I'm going to be a more responsible camera operator and take the smallest photos possible when in my sewing room. I already reset it for brightness before I take the pics. Then when I go out, I'll reset the camera. Snapping away and then fixing things on the computer is the long way around - I need to change my ways! : )
And yes - picasa wants money. I'm not doing it. I've already paid for flickr.


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