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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sunday Snapshots #3

More pretties for you!  The first one here is something I did late at night before bed.  I realized I hadn't sewn all day and just couldn't retire like that!  So I grabbed a left over piece of canvas, and did this little tree-pose doodle.

It's messy, but i think it's cute.  And I needed to get it out.

Here's something interesting for you.  I'm taking you outside.

So, I bought a new journal to write out all the things you don't need to know about : ).  In it, I pondered about how much I enjoy showing people what I love about the prairies through my art.  I show you the skies, the land, the weather, the seasons, etc.  But as I sat there in the huge hot and untamed gusts of September wind, I realized the autumn winds are something I love about my sweet prairie.  Deep down in my soul, it nourishes me.  

But how do I show you the wind?  Here's what I did, and plan to put these to fibre as well.  First the wind goes that way...

And then WHOOSH it goes the other way!

And then it stops completely.

And then it's flying again!!

And it stops.  And I wait. 

And I wait.  Because I know it will gust any second now.  And here it comes!

And last, as I was sitting and waiting for another gust of untamed prairie wind, I noticed this lone apple hanging in the neighbor's yard. 

have a great weekend


Anonymous said...

I am not only love your pictures but also love anything you write out. Sorry my English is not good enough to express my feeling but I say from my heart.

Nhàn Trần

Monika K. - MySweetPrairie said...

cảm ơn lắm

(Did I do that right? I looked it up on google dictionary. ; ) Thank you so much!)


Anonymous said...

Yes , (^__^)

Nhàn Trần

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