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Saturday, 25 December 2010

7 - End of the Year Countdown

I'm sure no one will be reading this post today.  Our big shin-dig was Solstice, so things are pretty quiet and laid back by the time Christmas rolls around.  Santa flew last night and left his traditional one present for the kids to share. That's how he does it.  (Don't feel badly for them - they got plenty of gifts from family on the longest night of the year).  My mom's side of the family did all their gift openings last night on the 24th.  I grew up opening gifts at night, and I'm pretty nostalgic about it.

Arwen (1 1/2) and her Red Is Best quilt, Winter Solstice 2007
As a child, we would be so excited while eating supper on the 24th.  We knew the gifts were next.  Mom said that because we live so close to the north pole, Santa always came to our house early.  Sure enough - THUMP - right during our meal.  After supper we would run to the living room squealing and the tree would be surrounded with gifts!  To this day, she still will not tell me how she did it!

So that's the tradition I grew up with: gifts at night.  In fact, it wasn't until I was in my twenty's when I finally figured out why all the families in TV commercials during December were wearing their pajamas!  Eureka!  I could never figure that one out.  We never wore pajamas just to open presents.  I did not know that other people opened gifts when they woke up the morning after Christmas Eve.  Isn't that funny!?  Blew my mind...

So today, I'm linking you to one of my favorite favorite posts.  For me, it's my first set of BIG beautiful prairie photos.  Enjoy, in joy.  Click on this:

   counting down...  


Molly said...

morning monika! you're wrong this time - there is someone up and reading blogs this morning! merry christmas to you and yours! and isn't the sunrise beautiful this morning? no better gift...

Flo said...

Of course we are still checking in....even at Christmas!
We had the same traditions, opening gifts on Christmas Eve. Santa still came over night though, but it was little things in our stockings......I think saved from cereal boxes all year LOL!
All is quiet here today, we have 20 people for Christmas dinner on Boxing Day....maybe I had better get busy !!
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all.

Bee said...

Yes, there are those of us who can't keep from checking our blogs even on Christmas!
We were the ones in our pajamas on Christmas morning opening everything Santa brought! We couldn't sleep so it was always still dark outside when we got up! My mom made Christmas magical.

Trasie said...

Hey Monika! We don't open presents until Boxing Day Eve, a tradition that started when Xander and I didn't arrive at my parents' house until late on the 25th. Now he's still doing the Christmas Day travel and the rest of us are just very patient!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

That a lovely tradition and memory! We open one gift on Christmas eve and the rest on Christmas morning.

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