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Friday, 2 July 2010

Highway Seven

Can you believe it?  I went nearly a week without sewing!  Gosh.

My husband and I had a wedding to go to in Calgary, and kids weren't invited.  So for the first time in TWELVE years, he and I went alone and stayed in a hotel.  Imagine that!  It was so worth it, though i missed the kids terribly!

One of the highlights of the trip was the road itself.  I took a gazillion photos down highway seven on the Saskatchewan side.  Most of the following are going into an exhibition.  I've increased the contrast just a bit for some POW.    Other than that, what you see it the way it was - GORGEOUS. 

This IS my sweet prairie.  Our flag colors for the province are yellow and green.  You can see why.

Our liscence plates read, "land of living skies".  You can see why.

My photos were all starting to look the same, so I switched to sepia!!

The one above was taken through the lense of my sunglasses.  The one below is regular sepia.

I love the lines in this one...

This one is SO CUTE.  I like it totally over-exposed like this.  The colors are so HOT.

The flooded prairie of summer 2010.  Water everywhere!!

I LOVE this!! There's a farm in the picture.  It looks teeny under that sky!!

Another one I set over-lit and over-exposed.  It pops that canola and shows off the summer heat well I think!

And the kicker - the DARKEST and spookiest photo I've ever taken:  an abandoned church with a broken off steeple in the shadow of the clouds. 

Isn't that one incredible!!!?  I upped the contrast just a bit, and it really works!  

All that through the window of a vehicle flying down highway 7 at 150 km/hr!  Not bad eh????

~Monika the shutterbug.


Sam said...

I LOVE the row of little red barn houses! You are a great photographer.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Awe thanks Sam. : )
really really

: )

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