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Thursday, 30 September 2010

September Blues & Textile Samplers

September is always so full and busy.  I just have a little sinking feeling that all my grand intentions to have entries submitted for mid October are simply not going to happen.  It will mean a lot of late nights.  But that's all right.  I think I am more creative when the house is quiet.  

But there's so much I want to do!!  Do you ever feel on the verge of creativity but completely scattered & unfocused? 

I stayed up past midnight lastnight cutting all these to have them ready for my Fabric Postcard Workshop at Sew and Home.  It's double sided fusible stiff poly-like stuff that comes on a roll.  These are essentially the blank postcards.

Some of these textile sample books are from Sew and Home, and some of these were gifted to our quilt guild members who then passed them on.  They are SO helpful for creating landscapes!!

It comes in so many shades and the all carry darker colors beneath the surface (like the shiny copper with the deep bronze within).  Gourgeous.  I used a bit of it in this fabric matting I made.  I like the wood-look it has.

I also have some faux suede in rich colors.  I plan to bring a bunch to the workshop for participants to use.

Suede, faux suede, and leather are really nice to stitch on.  Apparently leather embroidery is all the rage.  ; )

There's some blues in here that I can use to replicate yesterday's escape to the lake.  Look at this!  Ooh I love the rich color of that water.  Usually when it's windy, the rivers and lakes turn this oscar-the-grouch sea green.

But look at that blue!  SO deep and dark.  Oooh I can't wait to stitch that one!  It became really windy.  It must have been where the sun & clouds were.  It didn't look like this the day before!

These drapery samples have just the perfect prairie colors as well. 

Does anyone have any quick tips/tricks for removing that sticky hard paper off the backs?  I soaked these, and they are gooey and just a real mess to pick off.  There's not much fabric left if you cut the papered edge off.  Hmmm.

And last but not least, a wonderful woman I met phoned me today to asked if I could be a guest speaker at her guild meetings, and talk about my blog and my art!!  It won't be until after my next birthday, so I'm sure I can handle it by then.  : )  I am so honored.  Isn't that fantastic!?  If you aren't part of this guild, you should be!  You should see their biennial show!  Simply astounding.  PLUS they have the BEST sunsets shining into their meeting hall. 

Enjoy the lovely weather!
Quilt outdoors.



Lee said...

"Do you ever feel on the verge of creativity but completely scattered & unfocused?" Pretty much every day! :) There are WAY more ideas and projects in my head than there are hours in the day. WAY more.

Beautiful pictures as always! Congrats on the invitation to speak at the guild, very cool.

My Sweet Prairie said...

So true! I always feel like I'm wearing four hats and three aprons. : )

I suppose we shouldn't complain. We could be haveing artists block, and THAT would be much worse. ; )


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