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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Postcard Fun!

I saw a post on Facebook that Quilting Arts Magazine out of the states is celebrating their 10th birthday. 

So they are having a postcard party!  The call is out to send fibre postcards to them by 10/10/2010.  The postcards MUST prominently display the number ten.  Ooooh I couldn't resist!  My kids had a playdate at the zoo, to which we arrived an hour late.  I spent three hours on this!  The "ten" of course is the needle and threadspool.  : )

Cute hey!??  I love the border, and really enjoyed adding the glass beads and metaillic stitches.  The white fabric is rumpled cotton stitched down flat.  The spool is some faux suede that I machine appliqued.  The border is a decorative yarn that has been couched down with a decorative stitch and variegated thread.

I'm pretty proud of this needle & thread too.  : )  The needle was triple-straight stitched with my silver rayon thread.  The red thread on the post card is a metallic cord that I stitched through and then glued down. 

I had to get it out right away with the next postal truck since we only have 10 days to get it all the way to the states.  That's cutting it close, but I had to jump in.  

Then tonight, as I was tidying up my sewing mess, I came across this fabric from a castle wall I made for my oldest son's quilt.  And I got the funniest idea!  I couldn't resist.  I HAD to...

HA!  I'm still laughing.  lol  The X is the roman numeral for ten.  I made a stencil and then sponged on some red acrylic paint.  The bricks are stitched out with silver rayon.  hehehe!  That was made in 20 minutes and popped it into the neighborhood mail box.  lol  I'm STILL laughing about it!  : )  I was half way to the mailbox with my daughter when I realized I hadn't taken a photo!  So we ran back.  Whew - lots of exercise!  I even managed a run before anyone in the house had woken up.  Tomorrow - yoga outside. ; )  No more cardio!  lol

 ps- Call Sew & Home in Saskatoon to sign up for the Fabric Postcard Workshop, and you can try all these techniques out for yourself!  ; )


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Both are awesome!! Way to go Monika.
Stay inspired!

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