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Friday, 1 October 2010

The Good Ol' Days!

Wow... I was rummaging through an old box in the basement and found an old leather pouch of my mothers.  I dumped it out and look what was in there!

They must be from the old Kenmore machine that I learned to sew on!  They are so different looking!  It was from my mother's machine, and she gave it to me years ago.  I used it a bit, but then through nearly a decade of university, it became my favorite end table. 

That's it!  Time to open her up...

ew... so dusty!  After a bit of elbow grease it's manageable.  I can't imagine what the inside looks like.  My mom was not a seamstress.  She made curtains on this, and sewed sheets in half to stuff with chicken feathers for our bed covers.  I don't think any of those nifty feet were ever used.  Check this out!

This is a nifty feature...

AAH!  Look at the backside!!  The giant light is mounted onto the machine, and the big motor is external.  The wheel is a huge crank and all the rubber parts are dry and cracking.  I wonder if I can ever replace these belts?  Someone obviously did, as the say "Singer" on them.

She's pretty isn't she?

Thanks for lookin'! Now I need to go check out those presser feet!  neat-o.
: )


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