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Saturday, 2 October 2010

October Sun

It's October and it's still hot outside!  There will be snow by the end of the month.  The leaves are about 50% fallen, and probably 75%  by the end of the day.  We are spending as much time outside as we possibly can.  Yesterday, we went to Meewasin Park.  Meewasin means "beautiful valley".  I took some handquilting with me to work on.

Here's where I got to sit while my children played in the giant sandbox!  It overlooks the South Saskatchewan River.  It was hot enough that my boy got to run around barefoot without a shirt on.

Gee, the leaves look really gone here!  Depending on the tree, some are still fully green.  My newly homeschooled 7 year old was begging me for my camera.  So I passed it to him.  Here's some really great photos he took!

There's so much action in that picture!  I love it!  ; )  here's more...  I'm stitching spirals on my Mama Bear quilt.

He got closer and closer until the camera lens was right on the quilt!  lol  SO I asked him to back up a little.  I love how these are all tilted.  ; )

This one in particular is a great "action" shot!  lol

I hope you enjoyed Liam's photos.  : )

Today is another gorgeous repeat of yesterday.  It's Saturday and the kids are home.  I have a lot of projects I want to try to complete, so I think we'll get to the parks after supper.  It's getting darker and darker at an earlier time each night, so playing at 7 pm means bringing our flashlights.  I love taking my kids out to play in the dark.  It makes for such great memories!  That's probably why I like winter.  We are far north enough that by 5 pm, it's pitch black outside!  If it's a mild night, then we all go play in the snow.  When the moon is out, everything glows & shines & sparkles, and you don't even need lights.  It's so great!


loving all the seasons always

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