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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sunday Snapshots #6

Wow, is this year's autumn EVER fabulous.  Here are some Sunday pretties just for you, as faithfully promised.  This first one is my back step.  Something about it... sigh.  Makes me feel good.  It's the view from where one of my boys was sitting and sketching.  I was sitting in his little tent.

And look - one of the last ones!  : )  I waited around to see if I could watch it drop.  It is still there.  lol

Now inside to my sewing room!  I think I saw this idea as a tip in a Threads magazine.  It's a pokey thing for stabbing a pile of mail or to-do notes onto.  I think offices used them for phone messages.  It's a perfect spool holder, and a great idea!  I got it at an office supply store called Staples.

I've been working on the Courthouse Country all weekend, machine quilting it.  Whew- such a long process.  It's always a pleasant surprise to see how much more the actually quilting really does finish a quilt.  I would say I'm 1/3 done.  The white was done... until I decided to add more.  I think I'm putting some scripted text into it with those warm yellows.  Mmm!

And a project that is waiting...  In the meantime, I set little embellishments with it as I find them.  Some day before December 15th, this will be a 12x12 inch pet quilt in response to a call for entry by Quilting Arts for their next calendar.  It's Pippin, my canary songbird, printed onto Buckram and then cut out.  (not sure I should have cut it out... but oh well...)

 Here are some beeswax pieces that I use as thread conditioner, and sell at the Quilter's Flea Market.  Which reminds that I need to buy more beeswax!  Have you tried this before?  It's amazing.

And one last photo - for fall - it matches all the colors in this blog I think!  ; )  I posted it in my Flickr photo set.  I call it "Susan is Hardcore".  lol

Isn't that intense!?  

Woohoo!  The guild is having movie night tomorrow!  I can't wait!
who will be bringing the popcorn : )


Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

HI there, It is fun to read your blog, and that we're so close geographically. I really like your needle and thread 10 postcard and the redwork quilt, in particular! michelle

Monika K. - MySweetPrairie said...

Thanks Michelle! I was so lucky to hear you speak at the Saskatoon Quilter's Guild earlier this year by the way. I really enjoyed it!! I remember you saying, "I like when people read my blog". I didn't blog at the time, but now I know what you mean! ; ) It's very inspiring to have an audience on my journey. : )

Molly said...

hi monika! just found your blog via michelle's! so glad to have found it! we're so lucky, here on the prairies, to have such beautiful surroundings with their subtle colorations (and sometimes very bold statements of colour!). i love following the creative journeys of you very talented women!

Monika K. - MySweetPrairie said...

"Molly" Molly? "Molly who got me hooked on quilting arts" Molly? Hi! I am pretty sure I wrote about you in this blog somewhere ;).
Hmmm, I wonder if blogging will be harder now that I know people are looking!? lol : ) I'll try to keep it real : )
Thanks for being here everyone!

Agnes said...

I'm here via Michele(Periwinkle Quilting. I have never met her but done 3 of her BOMs. Love your site as far as Ive checked. I'm a prairie gal in the province east of you.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Hi Agnes! Gee thanks for the traffic Michelle : )

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