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Monday, 4 October 2010

Look at Susan Now! : )

Remember my "Rosehips Under Glass" piece?  Well  just look at Susan now...

I love it!  I didn't learn this technique from anyone, and haven't seen it anywhere else.  So can I claim it as my own?  The art world moves so fast... This basically came out of 'necessity' as I was not willing to pay big bucks for special photo-fabric.  So I tried this out by chance.

I love this technique.  It ends up so 3-dimensional. 

So I'm in the process of making a whole series of these.  I have so many photos of flowers from my yard.  

They are stitch-sketched, and then I work the canvas with an orange peeler from Tupperware, and a cuticle stick.  lol  Don't worry - it's never been used on a cuticle before.  lol 

LOVE the 3-D effect, reminds me of copper tooling.

ps- I do highly suggest that if you do this on your own, please don't take other people's photos without permission.  Use your own, or find 'royalty free' ones.  Coming from a family of artists, that has been well ingrained in me.  : )  I was taught to only draw what you see, and to never copy another person's picture (drawing or photo).  The art snobs say, "that's not art.  That's copying".  You know... just do your own thing.  It's better for your creative soul anyhow.  

Now I'm off to make dozens of bags of popped corn for the guild tonight!  We are watching a Ricky Timms video.  I wonder if I'll be needing my 3-D glasses?  hehehe

~Monika K.


Flo said...

I absolutely love this idea ! And it is beautiful and so original. Can you share with us how you do this? What fabric? how do you print it? I have trouble with paper LOL !

My Sweet Prairie said...

See my post on "Rosehops Under Glass". It's Buckrum, and you can find it at fabricland. It's white on a roll where the interfacing and fusibles are. Cut it to 8.5x11, print, stitch, and work it like copper tooling. : )
ps- Thanks for looking!

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