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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

BIG Change of Plans!

Oh my.  I'm so darn nervous.  here's what happened...

I have been working on items to submit for an entry that closes on the 20th.  My plan is that if they don't make it, I'll just hold on to everything and keep working toward building a couple series of works for next year.  In the spring I'm going to jump in and be juried with the Saskatchewan Craft Council.  Shortly after that, I have a spot at the Centre Galleries for my very own show!!  I figure my plan has a good pace to it.

In the mean time, I'm told there's been a cancellation and I can have the Crimson Gallery on the 17th... of THIS MONTH.  Before that, I also have a workshop to plan for plus we've decided to drive to Edmonton.  Oh - and I'm homeschooling too.  Yikes.

Well I said yes.  So... Sunday October 18th, I'm hanging my own show.  I have nineteen feet of wall I"m told.  It's a good thing quilts are big : ).  My art is teeny.  lol   oy.  Deadlines are good.  Though they make me panic a bit, I am being very productive.    I have 2 small quilts completed and one large unfinished/nearly finished one.    I have all the white shadow boxes I want for the postcards (that I have not made yet).  Susan and the Rosehips will go in for sure.  And my big landscape is now DONE. 

I've been working on it all day long!  I handstitched wheat in the grasses of the foreground, and beaded the purple flowers into it.  

And in the morning sky, I put a setting full moon.  That's what it looked like last harvest moon - the morning after.  It's a day moon.  We see it a lot here.  To me, the day moon is a big part of my prairie memories.

Now I need to mount it for display and I have NO idea how to do that.  I am also stumped for a name for this piece!  Anyone have any suggestions!???  Please leave a comment!!  

P.S.   My camera is simply NOT picking up the proper greens or yellows.  ??  It's not this drab at all.  I'll try taking a pic with my cell phone and see what happens...

later gals!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you Monika! You have managed to realize ideas and turn them into beautiful art. Congrats on your upcoming show. I know all that attend will be ooohing and ahhhing :).
Stay inspired!

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