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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

My SWEET Prairie - more photos

Today after one child went to French School, one to English School, and one to German School, I headed out to the countryside.  My plan was to go to the Berry Barn Gift Shop to see what kinds of lovelies can be bought there.  I arrived at 9:55 am.  The store didn't open until 10.  So I and a handful of elderly people stood there waiting for the doors to open.  I think they were all there for breakfast topped with Saskatoon berry syrop.  I felt stupid standing there with two cameras.  !?

After snooping around and buying a stuffed Prairie Dog for my girl (or maybe for me?), I drove back full of motherly guilt.  Most fields along the way are cut.  In some, the farmers were working.  We saw them last night after sunset still driving those rows through the wheat fields.  Then I noticed one that was still uncut!  I pulled over to the side of the ditch, and crossed over the highway to the opposite ditch with camera in hand (just for you).

Our next big biennial Saskatchean quilt show is one year away.  The theme is waves.  I think wheat, not water.  Maybe I'll sew something along these lines.

You know, around here, "wheat" is a color.  : )  It is breathtaking.  Our land is considered "the breadbasket of the world".  At least that's what they told me in elementary school.

That is a lot of wheat (and a lot of grasshoppers).  It's LOUD here.  The breeze in the wheat and the chirping of crickets.  WOW.  It's like white noise.

It's amazing how many different photos I can take while standing in one spot.  : )

If you ever get the chance, you must go to the berry barn.  Aaaaah the smell of the autumn late bloomers was fantastic!  I ended up buying a dehydrated ear of corn-on-the-cob for my kids for $2.  You put it in the microwave for three minutes and then you clean out all the popcorn to eat.  It's a riot watching that cobb pop around doing back-flips in there.  We all laughed so hard.  

Tomorrow will be another HOT day.  I'm pulling the kids from school to spend another day at the lake.  This time I will bring my Bear's Paw quilt to work on.  : )

who had a great night at the guild meeting - we have a great guild.


fabriquefantastique said...

reminds me of the year (about 30 years ago) I was in Regina at the beginning of September....it was about 103 degrees, out picking veggies, never been so hot in my life!

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid on the farm, my playroom was on the 2nd floor, in an open area between the 2 bedrooms. A series of 4 windows lined the room, and looked out over the field. When the field was full of grown grain, and the wind blew through it, I used to pretend it was an ocean, and I was in a tall ship, and anything could just coming sailing across that sea towards me.

Monika K. - MySweetPrairie said...

"Anonymous" just made me cry!
: )
What a beautiful memory. You see!? How can anyone look at the prairies and say there's nothing to see? : ) There really is something incredible about this place.
THANK YOU for sharing!

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