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Monday, 27 September 2010

Sunday Snapshots - #5

I have so many photos to show you, it's unbelievable.  I'm trying to narrow it down, but GOSH it's pretty outside!  The leaves are changing color and sprinkling down to the ground this weekend.

This autumn seems to be especially colorful.  The first photo was from my back yard. This next one has some leaves on a park bench in the morning, just as the sun was melting the frost away for the day.

I love hot September days, especially when they fall on a weekend!  We met with a couple other families today at a beach to play and cook food over the fire.  We had the whole beach to ourselves.  It was amazing, and very relaxing.  And would you believe, I got to snap up more photos of quilts!?  These are my friend's beach blankets:

Isn't that pretty?  They didn't have traditional binding. I love the folded edge.  I need to try this sometime.

Both were white quilts.  The second has these great appliqued leaves.

She told me they were not handmade, and they were cheap, store-bought.  But I don't know... I like them still!  Very sweet.  I had been dreaming about a white beach quilt.  I think I will make one by the time next spring rolls around. 

My, it was hard not sew today!  I wanted to bring my bear's paw to finish the handquilting, but I chose to leave it at home.  I did bring some Quilting Arts magazines along to read though...  : )

I did some planning in my head around that article.

Time to go...  We pack up.  The wind stops.  Light clouds overcast.  And then I saw this as I was cleaning up the beach.  Is this sweet or what!?  They look like they are cuddling together as the sun goes down.  I left them undisturbed.

the last couple on the beach
This week is going to be so busy again.  I'm glad we had this last vacation, and with such great people too.

On the way home, there was a sprinkle of rain and then the most amazing sunset came out.  I turned around on the highway and drove west on a dirt road until I got to a rise in the road where we had a great view!  My husband hates when I do this.  : )  But my three kids in the back were all squealing with delight at the great show.

Isn't that gorgeous?  I love the sunshine on the prairie grasses.  One day when we are old, my husband will look back and thank me.  You don't need to rush anywhere when there's a good sunset.

Sweet Dreams of lovely things,


Brenda said...

Can you give more details about the buckrum canvas used on the landscapes? Is the canvas white or neutral? I have been looking but can't locate. Thanks

Monika K. - MySweetPrairie said...

Oh hi Brenda (from the open house at Sew & Home?). It is white. I bought it at Fabricland on a roll near the back, usually near where the batting is. Linda told me it's used in hat making. Maybe ask for that? If you want, I can meet you there Wed morning. Or if you are guild tonight, I can bring you a sample. Let me know. My # is in the phone book under me. ; )

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