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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Stitchin' It!

Yay!  I got the Courthouse Country all pinned.  Notice I added borders.  To my luck, it involved a lot of seam-ripping again.  !?

Then I started quilting it!  Don't you just love all the space?  It's so great.  I have 2 L-shaped desks back to back.

Pretty hey!?  I love it.  I say that a lot don't I?  ; )  I don't show you my disasters.  Maybe some day.  I have a couple doozies.  lol  

I really love these colors.  Look what I saw on my morning walk!  oooooooooooo, aaaaaaaaah!  It was so nice - the morning sun on my back, and a huge full setting white moon ahead of me.  Wow.

There will be more great pictures tomorrow.  It's unexpectedly HOT here, and we are spending the whole day at the beach, though the lake will be way too cold to swim in from the cold autumn nights.  We usually have our "Happy Autumn" turkey this weekend, but it looks like this year it will be hot dogs over the fire : ).

Enjoy that pretty moon!

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