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Friday, 24 September 2010

Late in the Summer (work in progress)

This is what I've done so far with this big landscape (wishing I was keeping everything small scale).  I'm happy with it, but I am unable to capture the correct color with my camera.  The greens are much deeper in color, and the canola field it brighter.  Oh well.  Here's the blue hills in the distance, the tree line on the horizon, and the field.

That was my laptop with the photo I'm working from.  I usually keep this much closer to me while working.  And yup, that is my Pippi Longstocking book.  : )

This was to be a mid-summer landscape, but all the pretty ochres I added speeds things forward and turns it into a late summer landscape.  This ribbon is just perfect for this field!  The tree line is the hand dyed wool.  I work from back to front.  Then I added the grasses toward the forefront.

You are looking at cotton thread, flannel, rayon thread, hand dyed wool, sheer ribbon, decorative yarn... hmmm, have I missed anything?  Crazy.  I couched and tacked it all down by using a grass stitch while set up for free motion quilting.  I love this effect.  

I added some more depth to the tree line & blue hills...

That's an enlarged image from a 2 inch square.  That just goes to show that the small works are loaded with detail too.  You certainly don't need size to impress with fibre arts.  Still, I encourage people to come in for a closer look.  : )  So here it is at the moment.  I will be stitching some birds in flight, and adding beads into the tall grasses.

I sprayed the bottom half of the landscape with this to help it last from people's fingers.  I don't want to put these under glass, and everyone immediately needs to touch & feel these.  There's so much texture in there.

Whew that brought back memories!  I grew up under the wing of a chalk-pastel landscape artist who used a lot of fixatif spray!  (cough cough).  Funny what smells bring you back to your childhood and memories of your mother.  hehe

Have a great day!
And happy Autumn everyone!


Lee said...

WOW! Amazing! Gorgeous! I love it!

Monika K. - MySweetPrairie said...

Awe thanks! I have more embellishing to do. But click on the full landscape pic above and you can get a better look at it. It's a good clear photo for that. ; )

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your beautidul work.
You are super fibre artist and super mom.
Nhan Tran

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