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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Blue Sky Ahead!

Oh this is working out marvelously so far (knock on wood).  My Janome is giving me a serious headache.  I don't like the way the tech set the tensions, so I fiddled with them myself.  I can't believe I have to take it back again.  It's like cooking with a broken stir-spoon.  But here's what I have so far.  First, the painted sky - watered down acrylics on cotton.

I air dried it and then pressed it with a hot steamy iron.

So far so good.  Then I placed it on the buckrum canvas and stitched it horizontally through the blues, with blue thread.  

It still lacked some "pretty", so I covered the whole sky with sheer ribbon.  NICE!  So that was 505'd in place and then stitched around the edges.  

Looks good hey?

Now for the horizon!  Can't wait.  I just need to remember to practice before every step on a scrap piece to make sure this machine is set right.  Yikes.  I'll take the 7700 in later when this one is done.  I can't handle the withdrawal.  ; )  Anyone have a good back up machine for me to buy?  

happy & relieved to be making a landscape again!!

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