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Thursday, 23 September 2010

And they're off!

I just donated two of my quilts to a silent auction!  I've done this before, and it feels great.  I sent off "Hugs and Kisses".  I also removed it from my Etsy store.

and the Summerland Peaches 9 patch!  ; )

The woman who picked up the quilts figures she's going to outbid everyone on that peach one  : )  I get so excited when people love my work.  She took my cards and bio and asked me for sewing lessons as well.  I'm pretty sure she's serious.

And on her way out, my daughter threw a fit because the indigo and while quilt "IS SO PRETTY!!  WHY ARE YOU LETTING HER TAKE IT!!?"  She's 4 yrs old and owns most of my quilts.  

I think the silent auction is tonight.  I hope it does a good job for them!  : )

I'm finishing the other silent auction quilt - Black & White & Red All Over, all done!  I am LOVING the white binding.  It secretly makes me look forward to our Canadian winters.

a true prairie woman who loves each of the four seasons.

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