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Monday, 10 October 2016

Catch Up Monika!

Oh it's been so long since I've blogged!  Instagram is just SO fast and easy.  Here you go, I'm catching you up...

The Manitoba Fibre Festival - FUN.  SUPER FUN.  Thanks so much for the invite!!  It was super successful.  Here's how it went:

Thursday - a day with Beryl Burnett.  She is the past president of the Embroidery Association of Canada.  I don't think I realized that until I got there.  She's a terrific hostess!  My Gosh. We had lunch at Prairie Ink, did some shopping, some hiking and photography, and then I got to oogle over her work.  She does incredible Needlepainting - fine hand stitched work with a single DMC thread. Incredible!  Oh, and we drank wine too.  : ) ***Thank you Beryl & Ross for your hospitality!!

On a photography hike with Beryl.  It was a PERFECT fall day in Winnipeg
I gave my camera a hearty workout! : )

Friday - Teach at the Festival for the day, Sell as a Vendor in the evening.  My goodness my feet were killing me that night.  It was 8 am to 10 pm solid with minutes to squeeze in food. But, you know... when you are surrounded by that much colour and fibre, it doesn't even matter.  : )  It was a great class, full past the brink.  Everyone enjoyed the stitching.

5 hr class 'Letting the Yarn Speak'  A good intro to Freestyle Embroidery with yarn.

Saturday - Sell as a Vendor all day, follow Heidi out to her place that night.  ***I made a small fortune selling art in Winnipeg.  THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone, and those who popped in to say hi.  My instagram 'friends I never met' introduced themselves.  There were reunions with the quilters that I spent time with 3 yrs ago when I taught with them.  So much giggling and hugging! : ) My face hurt from smiling so then I started to not notice my sore feet.  ahhaha

Sheep and sheep shearing demonstrations (left), Knitting Relay Races (right).  I'm not even kidding.

Sunday & Monday - 2 full days of teaching Sketch to Stitch at Heidi Hunter's 'Runs With Scissors' studio.  Boy oh boy, that's a great class!  I'm proud to say that Beryl attended.  How lucky!  The weather was fantastic. Last time I did this class, it was early summer in Alberta.  Now with Fall in Manitoba, the colours are completely different!  LOOK!!!

Heidi's workspace as she stitched out her sketches.  YES she dresses for the occasion.  : )

And Heidi - my 'friend I never met', we really hit it off.  We totally clicked.  Artwise, she made such a huge impression on me.  We talked about so many things, we photographed the land, we did a bit of art too.  She showed me piles of drawings.  SHE IS AMAZING, a soul mate for sure.

Tuesday - The day I take a whole day off to relax, eat a hot meal, do yago, soak in the tub, have a nap, do some art, take some photos of beautiful Manitoba race home to beat the winter storm warning.  boooo!!!  I've never complained about the first snow, but this was bad timing!  I wanted a whole day off out there before the big drive.  It never happened.  Upon parting, we looked each other in the eye as we stood in her doorway, and said firmly to each other, 'I love you'.  Seriously - we so truly enjoyed each other and felt affirmed by the other on so many levels.  THANK YOU HEIDI for inviting me to your home studio.  I can't wait to be back to teach again.

A whirlwind indeed!  If you would like to check out more pictures, you can see Monika_Kinner on Instagram or My Sweet Prairie Studio on FB.  Heidi is at www.RunsWithScissors.ca

a crappy selfie of me & Heidi Hunter, quick between customers! : )

More driving.  Now I have another several days on the road again back to Alberta, and then some exciting new contract work with the Children's Discovery Museum here.  (YAY!!!)  I haven't been in my studio to create for weeks.  As such, I have yet to set a date for my 3rd Annual Open Studio.  I'm thinking that November will be best.  To make sure you get the invite, please put your email into the subscribe box at the bottom of any page on my website  www.MySweetPrairie.ca 



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HollyM said...

I'm very behind on my blog reading! You sound very busy but it does sound wonderful! I wish I could have been in one of those classes!

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