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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Big Stitch, Big Art.

Good morning!  It's interesting noticing how people influence your art.  For all of the times I've oogled over the work of Margot Lindsay, I noticed that my colour choices would be softer, and more delicate.  I suppose those are the colours and energy I feel around her.  Coming back from a high energy trip to Winnipeg and spending time with the colourful Heidi Hunter has no doubt made an impression on me.  I *should* beworking on winter landscape commissions, but I just had this insatiable drive to get out some big, bold, loud colour.  I think the best thing I did was give myself permission to do so.  I seem to have birthed something quite marvelous as a result!

I started with a photo I took in St Albert down a path ... one or two thanksgivings ago.  I've been holding on to this image, wondering, 'should I do a collaged art quilt?  would I threadpaint it?'.  Ind so after the fall colour inspiration from my last class in Manitoba, I just dove right in.  I was ready.

I sketched it, and stretched the scene vertically to fill a long narrow space.  I had a big frame waiting, so this is foolproof in that sense.  The sketch is nice and loose with all the main features I'd need drawn in.  I just grabbed the nearest pencil and sharpie - nothing fancy.

Then I picked out the yarns and began to stitch.

And stitch.

and stitch and stitch... 2 1/2 days non-stop for 10 or 12 hour days.  It wasn't grueling at all.  I was completely in the zone and letting it happen.

And it happened!

Impressionist Yarn Painting (what would you call it?)

Crazy right!?  If you click on it, it should appear small enough to be full screen so you can see the entire piece at once.  You can also shrink your view to get it all in.  It looks fantastic reduced.  It measures 6x15 inches and will go in a 10x20 black frame.  Here's some of the detail...

Well.  Maybe you don't like it.  But I do.  I love it.  I love the weird colour combintations and the bursts of life it seems to carry.  It was pure joy to stitch.

fun fun fun!  And off to Handmade House tomorrow morning.  : )
Have a great weekend!


Lin said...

It's gorgeous Monika - I love it! Stunning colour combination and beautiful stitch. Yum yum yum! xx

Lyn said...

It's magnificent - love it!

Kate said...

I have always admired your wonderful thread painted landscapes, but as a handstitcher myself, this is fabulous!! I just love it... Can I ask what material you use as your ground fabric to support all these beautiful textured yarns?

elle said...

Very fall. very you and somehow, very canadian. :)

Lesley Bonang said...

Monika, what a gorgeous piece you have created. I love your yarn work. I'm glad you took the time to create this piece when inspired to do so! Your threadpaintings are wonderful, but I especially love these yarn art pieces you are creating.

KelQuiltz said...

I fell in love with this piece on IG, Glad I popped over to your site so I could get the background info & see the inspiration for the work. Funny that I had a completely different plant interpretation in my head when I originally saw the piece ☺️. Funny what our brains & a different context can do. Thank you for sharing your stunning work!!

Susan Pilotto said...

That piece is beautiful...everything in the right place :) not to mention the color...wonderful

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Oh My!! Thank you everyone : ) SO nice to see folks on the blog. xo

Margaret said...

In a word: glorious!

Threadpainter said...

Just amazing !

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