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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Your Saskatoon PSA : )

Where did March go!?  Being couch-ridden through the end of it certainly threw me off.  It's April!  I'm going to try to fill you in here on all the posts I haven't written.  : )  Consider this a P.S.A.

First up - the reception for a friend of mine is Saturday April 2 at 2pm.  Jane was a textile artist, and now paints, though her landscapes are so recognizable as her original fibre art (pre-arthritis).  Jane is the woman I got all my threads from shortly after I began my art career.

I'll tell you a secret...  I'm up later at Hues for a July show!  I won't be showing my threadpaintings though.  I'll leave that one as a surprise for later.  : )

Also - Friday!!!  Friday - Saturday - Sunday of next weekend at Saskatoon Prairieland Park is one of the best smelling events of the year in our province.  It is the harbinger of spring and gives everyone gardening fever.  lol  Gardenscape!

There is a huge list of classes and presentations on prairie gardening, landscaping methods, pruning, annuals, perennials, edibles, hardiness... And of course our local art show & sale in Hall E.  This will be my sixth year!  There's fibre art, paint, photography, alcohol ink, and illustrations for sale just to name a few.  ALL art is landscape and floral themed.  The children's area is nearby and the draw this year is "Birds of Prey".  I can hardly wait.  I love birds so much.  : )

Click HERE to see all the programming for this event.  People come from all over the province for this one!

This week I will be dedicating to framing all my art for my board.  I have plenty this year!  My shifts will be evenings.  As always, the artists act as show volunteers.  If you are interested in any of the art, you locate a volunteer to mark the piece you want as sold.  Purchasing is handled by contacting the original artist directly.  For example, during the times I'm not there, you can contact me by phone as my number will be on the board.  If you don't have a cell, a volunteer can assist you.  We are pretty well oiled machine after working together all these years.  : )  If you buy one, get that red dot put on your piece.  That's the most important part.  I'll explain more detail later in the week as we get closer to the show.

Also, if you are on Broadway. there's the 2nd Wearable Art Show at the Affinity Gallery.  It's very dramatic!  That's the best word I have for it. If you are in the area, definitely pop in.  813 Broadway Ave, Saskatoon.  The reception was last night.

I can't leave out the weather report now can I!?

It's +20C degrees and sunny today!  I'm outta here...
Have a great weekend everyone  xo

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