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Monday, 4 April 2016

Snapshots from Sunday

Good morning!  This weekend really turned things around.  The snow is gone and it's looking like spring.  We had a day where one of my kids complained it was too hot.  I heard that the crocuses have popped up.  I was wondering what would happen after our barely-there-winter, and considering they bloomed in November again for our lack of winter.  I went out with my border collie side kick and we headed... to other parts of the city.  I didn't bring my camera but I did have my cell phone with me.  I ended up with a whole bunch of images full of interesting textures and patterns.  Check it out!  I put them into a collage right on my phone.  Easy as pie.

Spring is the brown season around here and the winds pick up and fill the air with dust.  I am talking about that part when winter is GONE but before anything turns green.  It's the time we sit and await transformation.  I didn't find crocuses on our walk, but I did see lots of promise - trees with buds, pussy willows poking out, and if you lie on the ground you can get some bright green deep within the dry yellow grasses.

There are bits of last year still hanging on - old berries, sprinkles of leaves, and all the bird nests are exposed.  If you look at the middle photo on the right in the collage above, you can see how the winter has left the land with a case of bed head!  The waves and tufts always make me chuckle when I think of that.  Waking up with bed head. : )

So, my uneventful dog walk in the city turned out to be quite a spectacular catch of inspiration.  You don't have to look far!  It's a nice reminder. : )

Happy Spring everyone : )


1 comment:

HollyM said...

I seem to always regret when I don't take some kind of camera. There's always something to attract the eye. What beautiful colors and textures you've caught.
We're still buried under a couple feet of snow here. I've been thinking of Pusey willows and wondering how long it will before I see them here.

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