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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Year Six!

Gardenscape was one of the first show & sales I was ever in when I started my prairie threadpaintings.  It's a great set up for folks with kids because you don't have a booth to man for three 12hr days.  That's a LOT of childcare to deal with!  This venue is set up as such that the artists schedule themselves for shifts, so we all take care of each other's sales and can still enjoy everything that Gardenscape has to offer.  This year, our group has a poster.  We are a very small part of Gardenscape.  There's SO much to see and do (and buy, and eat, and smell).  If you go, wear your comfy shoes for sure!

I'll be there Friday for a few hours, Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon.  I'm running a bit late getting my framing done and so I haven't had a moment to load images.  You might see some if you follow my FB page (My Sweet Prairie Studio) or Instagram (Monika_Kinner).  I like IG.  It's a super-fast method of blog posting,  It's really quite effortless in comparison to camera and laptop and blog.

okay now... the finishing touches.

See ya!

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