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Sunday, 27 March 2016

sipping. stitching. sleeping.

Well hello there.  I hope you had a nice Easter.  Me?  I'm sick.  two of the kids are as well.  It's that's time of year I guess.  I'm eating lots of fresh garlic in my soup, honey in my tea, and sleeping plenty.  When I am awake, I'm stitching for the upcoming show and listening to the mellow music of Whitehorse.  They played at the theatre across from Handmade House recently and I missed it.  POUT POUT  So, CBC podcasts it is.

a collage I make of progress to fishing 'Meewasin in Winter'

I've been enjoying Instagram very much.  I've been using it a bit like a blog in spome respects.  If you are on IG, my 'handle' is monika_kinner

I did it!  I sent in my parcel to Threadworks for jurying!  I'll find out what happens by April 8th / the first day of Gardenscape.  Guess what!?  Since then, I also received a letter of accepted instructing me to mail my entry off to Alberta for the Focus on Fibre Art Association's biennial show.  I had a great sweep of ribbons and prizes from the last one they had in 2014, which was entirely exciting!  I'm not anticipating anything like that again, but I am very happy to be part of the show!  It tours Alberta venues for much of the year.  I hope to see the show as the entries are all over the fibre map.

I've been having commissions roll in, including one for a yarn embroidery!  I'm super excited about that.  Those yarn paintings are pretty near and dear to my creative heart.

Woah - there goes another coughing and dizzy spell.  I must get me better.  April, May & June I have a whole bunch of artist lectures to do!  I was asked to be a guest speaker to the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild, Saskatoon Quilter's Guild, Edmonton Quilt Guild, Olds Fibre Potpourri Retreat, and the Regina Piecemakers.  Crazy, right?  I hope I didn't miss any.  : )  I sure look forward to travelling and visits this spring.

Okeedokee.  I'm off to cuddle up under a quilt with my babies and sip something with honey and lemon.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Hoping you and kids feel better real soon :).

Stay inspired!

roadie said...

I'm sorry you are sick. This last year I have been mixing a tsp of honey with a bit of turmeric and cinnamon. It is really good and has warded off many budding colds. Apparently the combo is a natural antibiotic. It has sure worked for me, plus it help sooth the throat when you are sick. Hope it helps! Love your work! Leanne

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