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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Quick Like a Bunny

Last week, a woman from another town contacted me to say, "We have enough people to run a class at your studio.  How about Monday morning?"  Well, honestly, how could I say no?  : ) I spent as much time as I could squeeze in cleaning up my studio.  It was scattered with yarn, fabric, more yarn. thread, papers, frames, matting, glass, more thread, stabilizer, scraps, tools, wire, cameras, cables, more yarn... I created quite a mess between grant writing and prepping for Gardenscape.  However, there's no time like the present, and I am super happy to have a cleared workspace once again!

Come 10 am Monday morning, no sooner had I put my shingle out when there they were!  5 women with 5 matching bags, carrying 5 sewing machines stepped out of one vehicle and headed through my front door all at once.

I swear they said 10:30, but there they were at 10 am. I sent them into the studio to set up, and I ran back up to my room to find socks and brush my teeth.  lol!  Quick like a bunny, and away we went.  What a gorgeous day, and what a great group.  We chose the theme of Springtime, since the pelicans are back and the crocuses have popped up in masses.  The strange thing is how this seemingly highly coordinated group, (some of them with matching first names!) all managing to create very unique Spring themed cards.  Most of the women got a second one started to take home, but here are the 5 first cards made by the 5 women.

You can see dandelions, a spring birthday, butterfly, rain, mud, birds and a colourful spring morning sky.  Some had ideas ready to go and some figured it out along the way.  I must apologize for the photo quality.  The top two cards look absolutely terrific in person, but the camera really took something away.

After packing up their 5 machines, the 5 women headed upstairs and out the front door all at once to pile into the one vehicle and drive off for a lunch date together.  I'm laughing as I'm typing this, because my recounting of the group visit is coming across as if it were in a Dr Seuss book, isn't it!?    : )

I spent the rest of my afternoon picking up kids and doing some shopping!  I went to a few shops to load up on class supplies for my new workshop at Olds College in Alberta next month.  Oh how fun was THAT to load up on fibre art supplies!  : )

I'm really looking forward to that weekend.  In fact, I don't know that I've ever felt this positive about a course before.  Usually, I have some level of anxiety or nervousness.  Not this time.  I wonder why that is?  Maybe I've finally been teaching long enough to know that you can't foresee anything.  Every class is different and every group is different.  Even every teacher is different too, right?  SO what can I do but be myself and enjoy the day as it comes.

And then to celebrate the gorgeous day, we treated ourselves to supper outside.  Mmmmm, smokies, marshmallows and fake beer.  lol  I love sitting by the fire.  Long after everyone else heads inside, I'm still sitting there enjoying life... immensely.

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Lin said...

What a great day Monika. xx

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