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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Talk Talk Talk

The weekend was so busy that by Monday night, it felt like Friday.  I was ready to take the night off and party, I was in SUCH a good mood.

First up, I was a guest speaker for the meeting of the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild.  They asked me to talk about thread, so I put together a presentation on weights, types, uses, and then we discussed the ever-pressing debate of 'cotton vs polyester'.  It was a quick 20 min but I tried to pack it with useful info.

I'm not sure who all has blogs, but look!  There's Flo from Butterfly Quilting in the middle, and then again hugging her quilt in the bottom right corner.  She lives so close but we hardly run in to each other.  She bounced up to me and gave my the BEST hug ever.  THANK YOU for that Flo!  ; )

They were very interested in the 46 year old baby quilt I brought for them to inspect.  The cotton fabric quilt blocks began to biodegrade decades ago.  In some areas, there was not a thread to be seen!  The polyester fabrics & fabric blends however, were there in full colour with no breakdown.  It made a fine specimen!

I got to sit in on their show and tell, which is always so colourful.

The very next day, I headed over to do a full powerpoint presentation to my very first quilt guild.  I was a member of the Saskatoon Quilters Guild for 5 years (2008 to 2013?).  They are a BIG guild of 200+ members and they pull off a HUGE quilt show every 2 years at Prairieland Park.  I've presented to them a couple times before, but the last time was 5 years ago.  That was a long time ago.  There was plenty to catch up on!


I put on the old nametag which was loaded with guild and show pins, and headed off after lunch.  It sure was good to see them again.  I spoke about my journey since they last saw me there.  It was great to share stories with them about working with kids, other artists, and the opportunity to curate.

And so, to the afternoon committee of the SQG, THANK YOU for having me.  I really mean that.  xo

Public speaking is always a little nerve wracking for me, but I sure am invigorated afterwards!

Next up: Edmonton, Olds, and Regina will each get presentations this spring too.  I'll be in Winnipeg again later this fall.  p.s. Is anyone up for a Talk or Postcards Class in Calgary?  Contact me at Monika@MySweetPrairie.ca   I have some time there at the end of May.

If you are interested in signing up for my few-and-far-between emails in order to be notified about exhibitions and sales, you can do that at my website here:  www.MySweetPrairie.ca .  You'll see the subscribe box at the bottom of each page.

Have a great day!!

1 comment:

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Monika, lovely to have a guild. Planning on joining one again once we settle for long term living. I packed up your gifts to me in the closet for quick access when I get a few minutes.lol, carli

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