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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Sunday Snapshots

Hello.  I know.  'Sunday Snapshots'.  You haven't seen that in a long while, have you?  Today was beautiful & sunny and I ran out to 'Crocus Prairie' up high over the river here in Saskatoon.  Some are taken with my good camera, some are with my cell phone.  : )

a nest of blooms at all stages

These babies are gorgeous!  The bundles I saw popping out of the earth were so abundant!  I was surprised, expecting the worst after they started blooming off season in November.  There was one spot on the hill where there were full bundles every foot or so.  It was AWESOME!!

watch where you step!

Beautiful.  And right within the city.  It's pretty great.  I love this next image with the river in view.

as the sun went down in spring

Happy!  Happy, happy.

Have a good Sunday everyone!


Lin said...

Gorgeous pictures Monika - I thought the first one was a nest of birds at first glance! Thank you. xx

sherry said...

those are so beautiful i live in bc so i have yet to see them in the spring but maybe one day

Janice Smith said...

Simply lovely images . . . I particularly like the middle one.

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