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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

When the Earth Glowed

Good morning!  I received a wonderful email on the first night of Gardenscape!  My piece passed the second round of jurying for Threadworks 2016.  Here's what this is (taken from their website):

"The mandate of Threadworks is to mount, every three years, a juried exhibition of exceptional creative needlework stitched by artists from across Canada.  Since its inception in 1987, Threadworks is sponsored by the Wellington County Museum and Archives. After an inaugural exhibition at the WCMA, the show travels the Province of Ontario for up to three years and is exhibited in many museums and galleries."

I'm in!

I did a silent scream and a highly contained happy dance after I read this.  lol  Woohoo!  They already have the piece.  The reception is 2pm on Sunday April 17th at the Wellington County Museum and Archives in Ontario (Fergus I think?).  I entered a new yarn embroidery to this show.  It's a large version of the hill at Bridget's acreage, where my friend Nicki and I were snapping photos for inspiration.  I can't stop going back to that magical place at the bottom of the Aspens... where it was dark, but there were plants scattered throughout that seemed to glow.  This was my memory of that moment in time.

click to enlarge

As a memory, I added my feelings to it.  I added stitches deep into the grove, colours and shine, and sitting with it in person, there is lots to go into.  There are so many sweet spots in there.  I loved stitching it.  It's one that I definitely think looks better in person.  The photo can't capture the texture.  And so, it will spend up to three years in Ontario!  That's incredible.  I hope to see the show - I know there will be a catalogue, but I want to see all the pieces!  I'm sure it will be incredible.



This was hand stitched with my Noro yarn and hand dyed silk from Margot Lindsay.  There trees are needle felted and stitched.  The frame is 18" x 9" /   46cm x 23cm and the piece is not under glass.

I'm still in shock I think.  So many good things happened this weekend and this was the whipped cream on the black forest cake!  : )  Alrighty, off to enjoy the sunshine.


Terri said...

You - of any works I have seen - deserve this honor. Congratulations.

Lin said...

Congratulations Monika! Very special, well done. xx

Mertie said...

Your work is exquisite! I will be in Ontario in May and am excited that I will be able to see your piece! Congratulations!

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Well done my friend. Congrats on this, another accomplishment. You go girl!

Kitchener Quilter said...

Congratulations, Monika, on your piece in Threadworks. I saw it today, and it is lovely. I've been admiring your work for some time, as you know, and this is the first one I've seen in person. I was in awe.

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