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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Sunday Snapshots

While I was out delivering art on Friday, I had my camera with me!  I found some really great patterns.  We have a bit more snow now... but check it out!  Someone's confused.

nah.  don't feel like it.

This next image had some great patterns.  The snow really helped show off the directions of the branches.  It looks amazing LARGE but this size is blog size.  Sorry!

This is terrific, isn't it!?  There's lots of yellow out there with the snow so thin.  I adore the patterns in there.

The next photo is set in black and white.  I really love it.  With the snow, all that's left resembles ink drawings, don't you think?

You might find this boring, but I got pretty thrilled over these kinds of scenes as well.

The palette is so soft and the lines are so fine.  The last four images are amazing to view large.  They don't do nearly as much when they are small, but that's how they fit the blog.  You'll just have to trust me on that. : )

One last image... I thought this was a cool angle.

Then the wind started to bite and I headed home, very happy.


Happy Sunday!


Gill said...

No snow here Monika but a lot of rain!!

Ricky in Winnipeg said...

I love your pictures. People ask me why I take so many pictures. Like you I see so many patterNS in the and potential wall pictures.

Threadpainter said...

I absolutely understand your love of these scenes !!!
Great photos and loads of inspiration there !
Merry Christmas, Monika ! ;)

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Beautiful photos Monika! Here in upstate New York we have grey skies and drizzle but no snow yet! I hope we get at least a dusting for Christmas but with all the weather changes who knows? Love your work, just beautiful! Have a lovely and stay warm!
Tina xo

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