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Monday, 14 December 2015

Hello Monday!

I should let you know that that winners of Friday's draws have all been contacted via email.  Thanks everyone for the stories.  They were great, weren't they?  Love to you all.  Congrats to the following.  We picked every 5th name, skipping some repeats, and unfortunately skipping anyone who didn't have an email contact.  Here is the final list and what they will be getting!

- allthingzsewn (Stitch UK)
- Caroline Heinrichs (Noro)
- Virginia Keast (Maching Quilting Unlimited)
- candy (Postcards from Monika)
- Bev (Quilter's Connection)

- - - - - 

Friday was fun!  I worked at Handmade House, then ran errands the rest of the afternoon before heading out to this...

packed house at the Affinity Gallery / SK Craft Council

My husband Michael and I popped over to the Saskatoon reception for Dimensions 2015.  I like going the events like this.  They more I go, the more people I seem to know.  I really enjoy all the people at the Craft Council.  Some friends of mine came, and one visitor from the East Coast bought one of my threadpaintings from the Boutique to take back home with her!  That sure made my evening.  It was great to talk to her.  I like knowing who adopts my 'babies'.

from my husband's cell phone...

Funny story:  Michael and I went to the Craft Council event without the kids because no one felt like leaving the house.  My oldest stayed in charge.  My youngest voiced her regrets about missing out, and asked, 'do you think they do take out?'  Ha!  That's so funny.  She likes art, but she really likes the tables of appetizers.  Sampling cheese is her specialty.  lol

If you want to learn a bit more about the show and what it's all about, CBC was there to get the scoop.  Cathryn Miller's award winning piece is really something.  It has a beautiful story.  It's all white, with hand cut paper squares (no two alike) and hand stitched together!  It's gorgeous, if you are able to stop it, it's work a look to see the whole show.  It just returned from Whitehorse YT, and will be here now until January 23.

The link to the CBC story is HERE


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Gill said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners!

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