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Monday, 30 November 2015

This Winter on the Prairie

(*This one is for you Joy! *)

Winter has been exceptionally mild and very bright and sunny.  We had our first dump of snow last week and it hardly shows anymore.  As you drive down the highway, you can still see GREEN.  It's very unusual.  Still, we've enjoyed a little bout of sledding and lots of lovely hikes in the fresh winter air.  On Sunday, I visited my mom.

There is a lot of yellow and blue out there.  And brown - it looks much like spring.  We drove north to Jackfish Lake and enjoyed a dinner of Elk and turnips.

little cell phone pic

The lake is covered in snow and frozen a bit, but I don't think you'll see anyone out on it.  It's not nearly cold enough yet.  The low winter sun is so lovely.  The shadows are long and the whole house is lit right through with sunshine.  Here's a picture at 2:30 in the afternoon so you can get an idea of what it's like.

We are enjoying the mild weather so much!  We spent a couple hours outside playing without mits.  It's really great.  My daughter brought her sled and went down a hill of leaves.  Oh well... it worked!  : )  In the bush, I could find more snow underfoot.  This was pretty - the crystals were so big.

And then by quarter to six, the light was gone and we hit the road for home.

Enjoy winter.  It's such a beautiful season.  : )


Caroline Heinrichs said...

Hi Monika, we've got the same amount of snow, very little. I've had to pack snow from other parts of the lawn to get enough to cover up the base of my roses. Lovely photos!!

Lin said...

It all looks so beautiful Monika - I do love snow. As a child I was so desperate to see snow and mountains - I went on a skiing trip the first opportunity I got even though I was useless! Love your photographs. xx

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