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Thursday 26 November 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like...

...shopping season!  : )  The sale at Autism Services was better than I had expected!  I thank them so much for having me there.  I'm not involved in any other markets this year.  I was happy to sell a handful of threadpaintings Tuesday night.  I also got a commission request for a 4 yr boy old who loves snowglobes.  I can officially now say that I've made specially-ordered art for folks from 4 to 94.  How fun is that!?

My places stocked now so if you are looking to purchase art from me, you can check out the following (or send loved ones to 'surprise' you with something under the tree).

First - I added a handful of things to my Etsy Shop including print cards of  some of my art. I hope to have a selection of affordable minis in there very soon.  ps- I ship everywhere and the Canadian dollar is pretty sad, so if you are from any other country, you are getting a deal.  Shipping from Canada is not to expensive, and my high end art has free shipping.  So there you go! : )  You can click the image to link.

The MacKenzie Art Galllery Shop, Regina SK
They have a whole selection of Snowglobes with little handmade landscapes in them, a pile of mini art quilt / Prairie Postcards (traditional and modern), and 3 matted and framed original threadpaintings.  I am shipping off a box full of my greeting cards there today.  You can expect those to be restocked next week.

Saskatchewan Craft Council Boutique 
813 Broadway Eve, Saskatoon SK
Here you can find a half dozen matted and framed Prairie Threadpaintings in a variety of sizes and prices.  They carry piles of my mini art quilts / Wish You Were Here Prairie Postcards as well.  They are affordable and great to mail or frame as a set.  Also, as of Dec 11th, Dimensions 2015 will be on exhibition there.  That will be such a treat!

Handmade House
710 Broadway Ave, Saskatoon SK
The shop is really filling up for the holidays!  I keep my mini threadpaintings stocked, as well as my art print greeting cards.  I have little hand stamped gift tags that go great with them as well.  Handmade House carries my hand stitched yarn embroideries as well.  I call them, 'yarnies'.  I don't know why.  I suppose they could be labelled as yarn paintings?

For your convenience, the SCC and HMH are within a block of each other, so it's worth checking out both venues as they each carry different stock from the same artists.

All of the art I have at True Potential Health Services on 8th Strees in Saskatoon is for sale.  However, because it's not a public gallery, you can find some of them listed at my etsy shop.  All sales are handled by me, not the Dr.'s Offices, so I know exactly what's available at all times.  They carry larger yarn embroideries plus the once threadpainting that was in the SCC members' show last summer.

Roadside, 2015  @ True Potential Health Services ' reception area.
1810 8th St East, Saskatoon SK

I have two commissions to complete before the holiday season, and so I am unable to commit to any more unless you are okay with waiting for the new year.

I have a small amount of art in my home studio as well if you don't see what you like elsewhere.

Okay then - off to shovel some snow.  Have a great day everyone, and THANK YOU for your support this year.  I am ever grateful.  : )

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